Senator who allowed expense abuses to occur refuses to accept any blame


Conservative Senator David Tkachuk obviously doesn’t have an ounce of the quality that is supposed to separate us Conservatives from the Liberals and Socialists – the concept of taking personal responsibility.

Tkachuk when asked about the Senate scandal surrounding Mike Duffy says “I’m disgusted” (see here) but refuses to accept any blame for chairing the Senate committee (see here) which allowed all these abuses to occur.

Also don’t forget that Tkachuk himself skirted the rules to expense $100,000 in personal travel in 1997 and recently defended (and covered-up) for senators caught expensing personal items on Senate credit cards as well as the perk of taxpayers footing the bill for family members’ travels (see here).

Every single Senator on that Internal Economy committee should resign in disgrace and apologize to Canadians for allowing these illegalities to slide by under their noses.



15 Responses to “Senator who allowed expense abuses to occur refuses to accept any blame”

  1. Ian Says:

    Get rid of the senate. Except in Quebec of course.

  2. anon Says:

    Valid points. I’m more concerned though about who is leaking these emails. It has to be a Conservative senator, and it’s unlikely whoever it is is acting alone.

    Also why? Is it indicative of a deeper division? If so, why?

  3. Dirt Says:

    Everything about the senate reeks of the Iron Curtain, we should be able to access every dime they get paid and no secret oversight committee should exist.

    • Agent Smith Says:

      Agree. Every expediture should be electronically available – they couldn’t pull s*** that way. Put an end to any temptation to fiddle forever. Otherwise given human nature it’s a guarantee for the senate to sooner or later become an albatross to any gov’t in power for any appreciable time.

  4. Fay Says:

    The majority of people living on the prairies support abolishing of the Senate.

    • don morris Says:

      Then the majority of the people on the Prairies are not thinking very clearly.

      We need an elected Senate as a balance to government power, without that balance, we will live in even more a dictatorship than we do now.

      Those “Prairie people” should sit back and try to imagine a government run by Justin Trudeau, with nothing to stop him.

      • Fay Says:

        There is no balance when the Maritimes and Quebec have way more power in the Senate than the rest of the country. How can any Canadian justify PEI having the same amount of senators as Alberta or BC.
        Maybe the people in those provinces should sit back and try to imagine living in a country that treats large populations of the country unfairly.

  5. Robert Connon Says:

    “Internal Economy committee should resign in disgrace and apologize” I have to call bu11$#1T on that . This whole apology thing is a joke. They don’t mean it or give a dam.If found guilty of thieving tax payers$$$ I want them fired no pensions, pay restitution and go to jail. Like any other citizen.

  6. Sean M Says:

    The Board of internal economy has a lot to answer for. I wonder what would happen if that board was to become transparent… Yikes!! I happened to catch Justine Trud flailing badly attempting to dodge the question of whether the board of internal economy should open their books to the public, or at least an audit… # 2 at first didn’t answer the question, instead he started blathering on with one of his rehearsed talking points, he was pressed, but still refused to answer coherently… he looked like he just s##t in his pants. You can bet there’s a lot of skeletons in that particular closet.

  7. Liz J Says:

    Do we really know how long this sort of abuse of expenses has been going on in the Senate? How come it has blown up just when Conservatives have the majority in that place? Has it something to do with the media hacks jealous hatred for Duffy from the day he was appointed and they found some squealers from within that place?
    The persons meting out the money for expenses has to know the rules and seeing large claims should ring a bell and action should be taken. It’s as if they have an atm in the Senate that pops out cash on demand, no questions asked.

    The Senate needs accountability, Senators need to be elected. The PM should refuse to appoint a Senator from any province unless they agree to electing them. If they refuse they’ll have no representative in the Senate. No Senators, no checks and balances of the government of the day sitting in the HOC. This whole affair should be a wake up call to all that the Senate needs an overhaul and the fastest way is to elect them, Constitution need not be opened.

  8. Annony Moose Says:

    I’d like to know who is abusing their position to leak confidential e-mails. Time to zero in on this. Agree the committee should resign.

    • anon Says:

      Well, I’d hardly call it abuse. It DID expose corruption. Though obviously the optics are bad when people make the conclusion that the corruption stems from the PMO (rather than the senate) when cheques are being cut.

      I’m more concerned about whether it’s indicative of larger cracks in the party that most of us aren’t privvy to.

  9. Jen Says:

    All this sudden rise of concern after decades of senator abuse is rather suspicious to me. As well as the Ford’s alledge drug intake without proof and many in and out schemes which the media are doing their damnest best to keep in the forefront is imo,
    ‘to keep the public’s awareness from the disaster surrounding the corruption deleting of files pertaining to $858 million relating to contracts.
    The ignorance and purpose to deviate the Ontarins from their province scandals is beyond repulsive.
    Millions upon millions of dollars have disappeared into ‘GREEN ENERGY’ which is costing an arm and a leg for the innocent people to live. No wonder some folks are leaving Ontario in droves.
    No wonder NDP Horwath is using Wynne to suit her (Horwath’s) own purpose with the media in either back pocket.

    About the senate: the PM in his minority government brought in a bill to reform the senate but was voted down by the majority opposition parties.

    • Blue thru & thru Says:

      Now that the PM has a majority, why does he not introduce a new bill to reform the senate?

  10. Ian Says:

    It’s unreal how Mulcair wants the senate expenses made public but says the same thing is not required for MPs.

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