Trudeau blames “right-wing folks of fearmongering” about Omar Khadr


Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has an impossible time keeping his foot out of his mouth when it comes to defending terrorists but this time he goes even further saying it’s us lunatic conservatives who aren’t being nice to poor little Omar Khadr:

“I think there’s an awful lot of fear-mongering going out there by right-wing folks”

And then goes on to say that he’s happy to have this murderer here in Canada’s jails because of how he was treated by the Americans:

“A much fairer justice system than what he’s faced in the past” (watch here apx 1:35 mark)

This affection for terrorists runs deep within the Liberal Party. Keep in mind that it was Jean Chretien who helped free Khadr’s father Ahmed Said from the Pakistani authorities in 1996.

How many people died because of Chretien’s sympathy and how many would die due to Trudeau’s?

Also: See my column on Trudeau talking about root causes after Boston Marathon bombing here



16 Responses to “Trudeau blames “right-wing folks of fearmongering” about Omar Khadr”

  1. Guffman Says:

    Look what happened in the UK when the bleeding hearts brought home a terrorist arrested in Kenya.

  2. LynnS Says:

    Marching orders for groupies and trolls. This must be specifically for the Toronto’s left wing folk. He’s an unqualified idiot.

  3. Bubba Brown Says:

    Juthtin “in way over his head”
    The terriosts have a rather unique way of solving that little problem.

  4. Michael Harkov Says:

    Another election is still about two years away and STILL this entitled, spoiled little fop is generating election ad campaign material, material that Liberals can say was uttered too long ago. What an easy picture it will be to paint. I can’t wait. 😀

  5. wilson Says:

    OMG Khadr wants to stay in Edmonton.
    Lucky us. NOT

  6. Ian Says:

    Love the cartoons! Like i say, let him keep talking.

  7. Alain Says:

    Talk about being totally out of touch with ordinary Canadians, you cannot beat this. I have yet to meet a single individual in my area who would agree with him, and I am talking about people of different ethnic groups and even those who tend to vote left. But then we have no radical Muslims nor metrosexual chattering class here.

  8. MrEd Says:

    The “fundamental” challenge the entire Left has is they assume we can all be categorized under their own values system and they are right…. WRONG!!!

    For evil to succeed all it takes is for good people to do nothing.

    They can’t fathom that anyone could possibly want to kill someone they haven’t ever met or got a grudge against and that discriminant hatred actually exists in a world where they comprise less than 1/2 of 1% of the worlds entire population.

    What they really really really need to do is go to a country and live there for a year with nothing but sand, wind, no food, no shade, limited clean water, people dying around them daily from starvation, and being shot at if you aren’t in agreement with the ruling class, and where no hope exist for a better life unless you join up with the religon…

    Then maybe, just maybe they might start to get perspective of why someone might want to kill another person who appears to have everything you don’t have….

  9. don morris Says:

    Justin has got this one exactly right!

    It IS the right wing that is creating doubts about the sincerity of Little Omar’s rehabilitation,while the Left know he will always be that sweet-faced thirteen year old boy in the photo they continually show in the Papers.

    I hope Omar will be treated with all due respect while incarcerated in Edmonchuck Correctional facility,and will once again lead a productive and fulfilling life once he has paid his debt to society.

    Hm,I’m beginning to sound like one a’ THEM!

  10. Sean M Says:

    This might be an obvious statement, but other than Justine being a hysterical blathering idiot, he has a lot in common with Khadr. Justine sees a convicted terrorist like Khadr as an ally, they both hate western society and they both want to see it punished if not destroyed. Justines sympathies for a convicted terrorist like Khadr are completely in line with Justines “progressivism”. Justine blames western society for targeted islamo terrorism, and so does Khadr. In both of their deranged minds, we in the west, are the enemy. The other thing they have in common is that they are both heros of the “progressive cause”, and they are both products of the Trudopian society, formerly Canada.

  11. morri Says:

    Justin is completely ignorant of the tenets of islam.

  12. Martin Says:

    By raising this issue, Trudeau begs the question, why didn’t Liberals intervene in Khadr’s behalf when he was first brought to Gitmo? They had something like 4 years under Chretien and Martin to arrange for his exchange. Its easy to understand Chretien’s reluctance to deal with this family again, but Martin and Cotler could have had a fresh view on events. Instead, the “child soldier” angle was raised only after they had left office. If one accepts the child premise, obviously he was closer to that during the Martin regime.
    The record shows that 3 PMs and 2 presidents had the same reaction to Khadr, that he had committed very serious crimes and would be tried under US military tribunal regulations.

  13. Liz J Says:

    Wonder how the Speer family feel about the US releasing murderer Khadr to the left leaning justice system of Canada as a result of decades of Liberal rule? He’s going to be kept on our dime, educated on our dime and who in hell would want to employ such a person? Toronto got lucky, it’s where his Mommy and others of the klan are living as citizens of Canada
    so it’s puzzling why he chose Alberta and more puzzling why his wish was granted. What can we expect when he gets his freedom? Does he have a network of “friends” of like mind who would pose a threat to this country in any way? How can the Psychiatric experts know for sure he’s not going to cause harm in this country, where’s the guarantee?
    Can anyone’s imagination go so far as to wonder if he’d have designs on damage to the Oil Sands?

    Guess we shouldn’t be surprised, the freak of nature who beheaded a young man on a bus is now roaming free thanks to our system of justice where the victim counts for nothing. Any effort to correct these injustices is met with opposition from the looney Left, it’s hard to feel safe in Canada.

  14. John Says:

    Justin will be one of the first groups the islamofascists in canada behead, gut and cut to feed to the dogs or darg behind a TTC bus. The Khadr’s and their pro-hamas/Shariah Law Imam (Aly Hindy) want canad to be an islamic state run by the Quruan like Saudi Arabia. Expect Trudeau doesn’t get it because Shariah law sanctioned Homophobia to murder gays in public ala iran, it sanctions pedophilia as in iran for child bride, and executing ,or flogging females in public for adultry or offending allah.
    Only a Liberal twit like Justin would be on side with gay-bashing,misogynistic, pro-pedophilia fascists . No shock though, his dad endorsed the nazi’s as he rode around Quebec on a motor cycle( like Che Guevera) mocking Europes threat by germany in WW2. Daddy dearest insisted that Hitler was the Aglo’s problem and not an iisue for francophones in canada.
    Oops, here goes Trudeau Jr to keep the family record intact for being on the wrong side of History . Leftists and Liberals vacation in Commuinist nation like Cuba that oppresses the pooor and jailed Homosexuals with aids to rot and died , even the Public sector Unions and teachers exhalt Communism as they spend OUR tax dollars in Cuba and have the nerve to condemn Gito-bay Navy base even though it’s leased to the USA by Cuba which has failed to terminate the lease even under castro’s reign. Oh those progressives , now they stay mute on the new gender-cide abortions that kill female babies,and I bet when they become homo-cide abortions the liberal will still side with murdering gay babies and female babaies.

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