CP reporter uses ex-Allan Rock researcher for anti-Harper quotes on RCMP gun seizure story


Red flags went off immediately when I read this Canadian Press story that turned the RCMP gun seizures in High River into a Stephen Harper hit-piece using a Carleton professor as the source:

Darryl Davies, a Carleton University criminology professor, considered the condemnation from the Prime Minister’s Office to be highly inappropriate.

“It’s completely and utterly inappropriate for the PMO to issue operational instructions to the RCMP,” Davies said Sunday.

Have we arrived at a point in Canada where the PMO can interfere in criminal investigations as well?”

Davies said he thought it must be embarrassing for the RCMP to be admonished by the PMO in the media, and that it undermines the force’s credibility and impartiality. (see here)

Media Party members keep a list of go-to professors and Lefty activists handy when they are looking for an anti-Conservative/Harper quote so I decided to look into who Davies was and look what I found:

Carleton University’s Darryl Davies, who also worked as a researcher for former Liberal government justice minister Allan Rock in the mid-1990s, says a more systematic approach is needed to help police prepare situations he says have been exacerbated by the Conservative government’s scrapping last year of the controversial firearms registry. (see here)

Now to find out who the CP reporter is and ask if he/she knew that Davies worked for the Liberal minister in charge of creating the Gun Registry?


The silence from High River MP Ted Menzies is deafening

ted menzies

In all the news stories on the flooding in High River and how the RCMP and Alberta Redford government are trampling on the residents’ rights (see here and here) I started wondering where the Conservative MP was when it came to sticking-up and fighting for them?

I honestly had no idea who their MP even was until this morning.

A Google search shows the last mention of Menzies in a news story was from 3 days ago (see here) and besides some platitudes and sucking up to the local mayor and PC minister, his Twitter account (see here) is pretty much useless for anyone seeking information. As of 9:15am PST, the last tweet from Menzies was 20 hours ago and that was the only one since June 28.

And to add insult to injury, the Redford government is now limiting home owners from having anymore than 2 people help them clean-up. Why doesn’t Menzies show some brass and arrive as the 3rd volunteer?

Is this really what the residents of High River voted for as their Conservative representation?

Update: Menzies has declared he will not run in the next election but his reason makes absolutely no sense

Since the disastrous flood hit our communities on June 19th, I have travelled throughout the entire riding of Macleod and seen not only property destroyed, but also lives. My heart goes out to all those affected. As I spent this time trying to help my neighbours and constituents, it reminded me why I put my name forward to run for election in 2004.

For over nine years, I have been proud to represent the people of this large and diverse riding in Ottawa; together we have been able to accomplish much. As Canadians, we have developed a great sense of pride in who we are and what is most important to us. Witnessing the effects of the floods across Southern Alberta, and the devastation of High River and other communities, I have decided that it is important for me to be here more often. What brought me to Ottawa was a love of community and the desire to help Albertans and Canadians the best way I knew possible.

I am announcing today that I will not be seeking the CPC nomination in the new Federal Riding of Foothills (presently Macleod) leading up to the 2015 election. For the next two years I will continue to do all I can for Macleod, here in the riding and in Ottawa.

Because of this decision, I have asked Prime Minister Harper not to consider my name for any future cabinet position.

In the future, I am confident that a man or woman of thoughtful conviction will come forward with energy and enthusiasm to run in the new riding in 2015.

I am so incredibly proud and honoured to represent the constituents of Macleod and I am proud of our government. Together we have accomplished much, but being an effective Member of Parliament requires a team of dedicated volunteers, staff and supporters. It also requires a tremendous amount of commitment from family and I have been blessed with so much support from my wife Sandy and our family.

Thank-you to all who support me, work with me and stand by me as I continue as the Member of Parliament for Macleod.


Liberal’s top BC official smears Laureen Harper


The Liberal Party of Canada’s BC President Brian G. Rice bills himself as “a well-regarded Liberal strategist and expert in social media outreach” according to Macleans’ Martin Patriquin (see here).

Since Patriquin is blinded by his hatred of all things conservatives (see here), you’ll have to forgive him for his lack of judgment of what constitutes expertise on social media:


laureen harper

Justin Trudeau can show he’s above the classless and immaturity of Liberal officials like Rice by having him removed or he can do nothing which would say he approves.

Update: Sun News’ Ezra Levant outs the source of the Yahoo hit-piece on Laureen Harper

levant yahoo

Alberta premier bans media from entering and reporting on High River

rcmp high river

First the Alberta PCs backed the RCMP seizing peoples’ legal property (see here) and now are banning the media from accompanying High River residents on their government escorted tours:


When a government tries to control what the media reports like the Alberta PCs are currently doing, it’s called censorship.

Redford ordered RCMP to enter and take High River residents’ fire-arms?

You knew last night that it was Alberta PC premier Alison Redford who signed-off or even ordered the RCMP to break into people’s homes in High River to seize any fire-arms (see here) they found when her campaign manager popped up on Twitter:

cartercarter 1 Notice the word “weapons” and that he is  “sad” that they will be returned.

Carter represents the anti-gun faction within the PC government which we now know is led by Redford:

Premier Redford defends the police as she stands Thursday afternoon in the Cargill plant north of this town of 13,000.

“I think what we need to understand is these are exceptional circumstances,” says the premier, adding the gun snatching move was talked about for other places.

“In an emergency situation we need to have our police ensuring there is law and order.” (see here)

Instead of ensuring the RCMP are patrolling High River to keep peoples’ property safe, Redford uses them as a political tool to further her Liberal agenda.

Update: Public Safety Minister Vic Toews’ spokesperson defends the RCMP

“We have been advised that during the course of searching for individuals unable to make their way to safety, the RCMP discovered firearms that were insecurely stored. Those firearms will be held safely by the RCMP and will be returned to their owners as soon as possible,” said Andrew McGrath, spokesman for the Ministry of Public Safety. (see here)

Toews should immediately resign or fire his spokesperson if it was determined he was not speaking for the minister.

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