Star’s ‘Ford crack video’ reporter admits details in story were added by editor

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I caught a stunning admission from Star reporter Robyn Doolittle when she responded to criticism on how she missed mentioning that 50% of the people cited in a poll didn’t believe the media’s version of the alleged Rob Ford crack smoking saga.

doolittledoolittle 2So I asked her:

doolittle 3

Ok then, we’ll go with what Doolittle is saying:

doolittle 4Think about that – a Star reporter is handing off her work (and reputation) to an anonymous editor in order to massage a story so it better reflects and follows a bias.

I’m sure that this was the only time though right?


10 Responses to “Star’s ‘Ford crack video’ reporter admits details in story were added by editor”

  1. Michael Harkov Says:

    When the next Toronto re-election comes, there are a whooooole lot of deranged Ford haters that are going to be gnashing their teeth saying, “what happened?”

    I can’t wait. 😀

  2. Matthias Says:

    And I can’t wait to watch Ford’s lawers rip these left wing liars new ******** just like they all deserve. Not soon enough.

  3. Agent Smith Says:

    Here in Tarawna i ran into an aquaintance yesterdee at Starbucks – a fireman and retired as of 2 months ago. We fell into conversation as to this baffling Rob Ford issue. We soon discovered that we were of the same mind – that no matter the outcome of the crack biz we’d both vote for Ford tomorro. Media witch hunts will do that….

  4. Liz J Says:

    Let the suing begin. No one in public life should have to endure what Ford has, the constant badgering and harassment along with false accusations amounts to character assassination. For the sake of all who are in public life, as well as his own litigation must be done to put an end to this Media Maggot derangement syndrome that seems to have infested the city of Toronto.

  5. Pissedoff Says:

    Kinsella thinks this smacks of Watergate,how deranged can you get?

    In the mean time no call for the resignation of Cretin, Kinsella pal Joe Fontana, mayor of London, who is up on criminal charges for misuse of public funds. Now that is Shades of Adscam.

  6. Ian Says:

    Just read (not in The Star) that the city of Toronto says that it did NOT receive a request from the mayor’s office to delete the email and telephone records of 3 former aides. So where is the retraction then from the Star? Unbelievable!

  7. bubbabrown Says:

    Now me if I was Mayor Ford, the last thing I would want is those e-mails erased.
    Who has been saying what to whom?
    As for the “crack Journalist” is it not just a tad pathetic that she needs help making **** up?
    K. has me never putting a dime into Sun news, love Ezra they need to clean house a little.

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