CTV pulled Don Martin’s Mike Duffy rant on legal advice

don martin

Looks like Don Martin has made himself a legal liability for CTV:

While the rant was aired during the 5 p.m. show, it was yanked from a later rebroadcast of the show and was not posted on CTV’s website as it normally would.

Sources at CTV News have told the National Post the rant made producers “nervous” and it was pulled after receiving legal advice. (see here)

This is the 2nd strike now against Martin as last March he was suspended for getting into an altercation with Harper’s ex-communication director telling him and CTV’s CEO George Cope to “go fuck themselves(see here)

Wonder if the CTV brass are rethinking giving him TV show host gig was such a great idea?


How much did CBC’s Evan Solomon charge college association?


The CBC’s Evan Solomon has been getting a lot of mileage out of the current Senate expense scandal but isn’t apparently nearly so open about revealing his own.

Solomon showed up in my neck of the woods to speak at the Association of Canadian Community Colleges conference in Penticton, BC (see here) so, as a publicly-paid CBC employee giving a speech to a publicly-funded group, I wanted to know if Solomon charged for his appearance to which I received this response from the ACCC Communications person:

solomon accc

I reminded this communications official of the ACCC’s mission statement which includes:

“Deliver on commitments and be accountable, consistent and transparent” (see here)

But instead of answering these simple questions “How does a CBC TV host “explore higher education solutions” exactly?” and “Did you pay Solomon for his speech and travel expenses and how much was it if you did?” I was blocked.

I’ll update when/if I hear back from Solomon.



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