CTV pulled Don Martin’s Mike Duffy rant on legal advice

don martin

Looks like Don Martin has made himself a legal liability for CTV:

While the rant was aired during the 5 p.m. show, it was yanked from a later rebroadcast of the show and was not posted on CTV’s website as it normally would.

Sources at CTV News have told the National Post the rant made producers “nervous” and it was pulled after receiving legal advice. (see here)

This is the 2nd strike now against Martin as last March he was suspended for getting into an altercation with Harper’s ex-communication director telling him and CTV’s CEO George Cope to “go fuck themselves(see here)

Wonder if the CTV brass are rethinking giving him TV show host gig was such a great idea?


14 Responses to “CTV pulled Don Martin’s Mike Duffy rant on legal advice”

  1. Ian Says:

    Don Martin should run for the NDP and give Mulcair a little competition in caucus

  2. delshilo Says:

    Martin is a loud mouth. He is the main reason I stopped watching his show.

  3. Liz J Says:

    Good. There needs to be a bit more legal advice handed out, things have gone off the rails with the media who seem to think they have the right to sit in judgement of our elected politicians of the Conservative brand. They seem to believe they know all the answers and can defame a person’s character with impunity.

    • wilson Says:

      NDP Charlie Angus has made some pretty strong accusations, outside the immunity of Parliament too.

      • LynnS Says:

        It’s Charlie Angus’ pouty face, sad sack look and whiney cajoling tone that he affects that is getting on my nerves. He’s looking and sounding more like Liz May every day.

  4. TSR Says:

    Whatever happened to freedom of opinion? Don Martin hosts a political talk show where opinions are expressed and if CTV is so nervous and edgy, then why don’t they stifle the opinions of ‘the panel’? Is Mike Duffy that powerful – I think not! He’s become a joke and lost all respect from his journalism days. I find it ironic that news anchors are allowed to express certain opinions but poor Don has to keep his mouth shut. Double standard, people!!

    • BC Blue Says:

      Yes, CTV should let Martin say things that could get them sued…idiotic.

      • Alain Says:

        Absolutely as there is a major difference between opinion and libel, but TSR is ignorant of that fact.

    • john Says:

      “…..lost all respect from his journalism days.”

      ROTFLMAO x 10 ! You ACTUALLY said “respect” and “journalism” in the same sentence!

      Holy crap! Quitting journalism was the best thing that guy ever did! Please, educate me. Why in hell are Canadian journalists DESERVING of respect, hmm? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller Bueller?

      These drunken, self important, gossipy, unskilled, untalented, poorly educated buffoons entered the journalism field because they were too stupid and useless to do anything worthwhile so they had to sit on their fat asses and make a living smearing people.

    • wilson Says:

      Let him Speak!!!!
      Then he can end up like the other Martin, Pat Martin, with a $5 million libel suit, that we the taxpayers don’t have to fund!

      • Liz J Says:

        Yeah, let him keep on mouthing off, eventually he can join Pat Martin, begging for donations. BTW are they related?

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    […] couple days after having his Mike Duffy rant (see here) pulled off CTV, Don Martin is showing once again how unfit he is to be hosting a political […]

  6. Anonymous Says:

    “This is the 2nd strike now against Martin as last March he was suspended”… read your references for this… don’t see anything that substantiates your assertion. How do you know he was suspended?

    …”CTV appeared to be considering disciplinary action”…

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