Dave Rutherford for Calgary mayor – now that’s a campaign I could get behind


The idea of popular conservative talk show host Dave Rutherford giving Leftie Naheed Nenshi a run for his tax-loving money puts a huge smile on my face:

Talk radio host Dave Rutherford, whose CHQR morning show ends next month, confirmed Tuesday that he’s been approached about challenging Mayor Naheed Nenshi in the fall election.

“Well, I’m considering it,” he told the Herald. (see here)

Please, oh please….


CTV’s Don Martin calls Conservative MP “Harper’s pet”

don martin

A couple of days after having his Mike Duffy rant (see here) pulled off CTV, Don Martin is showing once again how unfit he is to be hosting a political television show by calling Conservative MP Pierre Poillievre “Harper’s Pet”.

Hard to imagine the CTV brass allowing this kind of classless and immature behaviour to continue.

Update: Martin has now climbed down from calling Poillievre names and says it was all just a ‘joke’. Hardie har…

don martin

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