Dave Rutherford for Calgary mayor – now that’s a campaign I could get behind


The idea of popular conservative talk show host Dave Rutherford giving Leftie Naheed Nenshi a run for his tax-loving money puts a huge smile on my face:

Talk radio host Dave Rutherford, whose CHQR morning show ends next month, confirmed Tuesday that he’s been approached about challenging Mayor Naheed Nenshi in the fall election.

“Well, I’m considering it,” he told the Herald. (see here)

Please, oh please….


15 Responses to “Dave Rutherford for Calgary mayor – now that’s a campaign I could get behind”

  1. DW Says:


  2. Lore White Says:

    This is a great. Calgary needs you Dave.. We need some spark here and I can just feature you and Allison Redford in the same room, considering she won’t speak to you now….. You have my vote.

  3. Bec Says:

    Can we please dream? Losing him on QR has been so painful but knowing we could have him save us in an even better way, fantastic.
    Calgary needs to purge themselves of the ‘Bronco’ and Nenshi city hall progressive craziness and get back to fiscal restraint.

    Do it Dave, do it!

  4. Fat Tony Says:

    Go Dave go

  5. john Says:

    As much as I hate media people running for office, (it happens way too often) I would vote for Rutherford and I think he would have a chance of winning.

  6. Searle Sheldon Says:

    Now here’s a campaign I can really get behind! Go for it Dave, smiling Nenshi is not what Calgary needs at this time, and the Rutherford/Redford match up is intriguing to say the least!
    Searle Sheldon

  7. Michael Harkov Says:

    Shades of Ralph.

    Do it.

  8. Albertaguy Says:

    I was talking to Andre Chabot last Saturday and asked him if he would be willing to run to get rid of this walking disaster but he claimed that Nenshi was just too strong but he said that he was having serious thoughts, but when I heard Rutherford had been approached I thought that this could be the guy to beat him.
    If you follow “Letters to the Editor” in the Herald one might notice that cracks are starting to appear in Nenshi’s armour and he is making a lot of people unhappy.
    Even the government is lashing out at his latest folly of having a 10 grand town hall to figure what the city should do with the 53 million tax money which the Province returned. GIVE IT BACK!!!!!
    If I never see that smiling face again ,it will be too soon!!!!!!

  9. Mitch Says:

    Not if he’s going to be financed by the developers. No matter how good a candidate Rutherford would be, we don’t need another puppet of the development industry in the Mayor’s chair.

  10. Jen Says:

    David R. may be a conservative but he does not play favourites with any political party. If any party screws up he lets them have it.
    He does not gossip for the sake of gossiping like other MM, because he knows and said so himself that if he does not do his job properly with proper facts, he will lose listeners and be out of a job.
    Evan Solomon would sooner die (manner of speaking) than reveal the truth behind the liberals and ndp own scandals.

    I really do hope that David does run for Mayor, Nenshi needs to be brought down from his high-priced rafters.

  11. E Mac Says:

    YES, Calgary needs you Dave – More then ever, please cosider.

    E Mac

  12. Blue thru & thru Says:

    This post made my day and I hope Dave runs…Calgary needs him! AB is too liberal these days both at the city and provincial levels.

  13. Jack Wise Says:

    Calgary really needs a Mayor like Dave Rutherford. He’s a common-sense conservative guy who would be great for this city. We’ve got to get the elitist leftie element out of city council.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Dave, my wife & I will help in your campaign/

    Dave & Edna

  15. Thomas Chan Says:

    For sure I will join to help in your campaign. No body is unbeatable. We need someone to be the Mayor who works for the benefits of the Calgarians.


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