Redford’s communication director tried to get reporter fired?


Imported Ontario Liberal Stefan Baranski was apparently trying to get CBC reporter Jennie Russel in trouble with her bosses for daring to request an interview with his boss, Alberta PC premier Alison Redford:

Mr. Baranski,

Perhaps you could explain to me in more detail how that is a ridiculous characterization – also, how my interview request merits you reporting me to my superiors. The boilerplate is printed on Government of Alberta letterhead, by a government body that is supposed to represent all taxpayers – not merely those who voted for the ruling party. How is this is an appropriate or necessary addendum, to press releases about judicial appointments? What is the addition of this boilerplate supposed to achieve? I trust that, if my interview request is still denied, you will be able to answer these questions. (see here)

This was over Baranski being in charge of politicizing official Alberta government press releases (see here).

Stalking and intimidation is standard procedure in this corrupted AB PC party and Baranski obviously has the full backing of Redford so I don’t believe for a second he will be disciplined let alone fired.

h/t Johnny Mofo


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  1. Pissedoff Says:

    Imported Ontario Liberal

    Being from Ontario that tells me all I need to know.

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