Did CBC’s Greg Weston knowingly lie about “secret Conservative fund”?


The official response from the Conservative Party to CBC Greg Weston’s error ridden, misleading, torqued-up load of BS (see here) story:

Conservative Party statement regarding false story on CBC

Last night, the CBC ran a false story by reporter Greg Weston.

The CBC claimed there is a “secret” Conservative Party fund run by the PMO.

This is false.

The CBC claimed party funds are hidden from Elections Canada.

This is false.

All Conservative Party expenses are paid by one account, controlled by the Conservative Party.  All funds are properly reported to Elections Canada and audited annually.

The Conservative Party ensures that non-government activities undertaken by the Prime Minister are never billed to taxpayers.

The CBC is being selective, failing to mention this is a standard practice for all political parties.
The NDP and the Liberals confirmed they also maintain funds to cover expenses that should not be charged to taxpayers.

– “There is a fund which is used for party-related leader travel and expenses,” said Nathan Rotman, NDP national director. (Postmedia, June 6, 2013)

– Liberal party spokesperson Kate Monfette said the party pays for expenses for its leader that are “strictly partisan in nature” and unrelated to parliamentary duties “so as to ensure the separation between parliamentary activities and political activities.”  (Postmedia, June 6, 2013)

No Conservative Party funds were used to repay Mike Duffy’s inappropriate expenses. No taxpayer funds were used. Nigel Wright was not reimbursed by anyone.  We cannot be clearer on this point.

The CBC, Peter Mansbridge and Greg Weston misled Canadians.  

They should retract this piece of shoddy journalism.

Update: Weston issues a convoluted piece saying he’s not a liar (see here)

Also: CBC’s Peter Mansbridge has now put his reputation and career on the line by tweeting this “Our response to CPC statement this morning” and linking Weston’s twisting defence.

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