Did CBC’s Greg Weston knowingly lie about “secret Conservative fund”?


The official response from the Conservative Party to CBC Greg Weston’s error ridden, misleading, torqued-up load of BS (see here) story:

Conservative Party statement regarding false story on CBC

Last night, the CBC ran a false story by reporter Greg Weston.

The CBC claimed there is a “secret” Conservative Party fund run by the PMO.

This is false.

The CBC claimed party funds are hidden from Elections Canada.

This is false.

All Conservative Party expenses are paid by one account, controlled by the Conservative Party.  All funds are properly reported to Elections Canada and audited annually.

The Conservative Party ensures that non-government activities undertaken by the Prime Minister are never billed to taxpayers.

The CBC is being selective, failing to mention this is a standard practice for all political parties.
The NDP and the Liberals confirmed they also maintain funds to cover expenses that should not be charged to taxpayers.

– “There is a fund which is used for party-related leader travel and expenses,” said Nathan Rotman, NDP national director. (Postmedia, June 6, 2013)

– Liberal party spokesperson Kate Monfette said the party pays for expenses for its leader that are “strictly partisan in nature” and unrelated to parliamentary duties “so as to ensure the separation between parliamentary activities and political activities.”  (Postmedia, June 6, 2013)

No Conservative Party funds were used to repay Mike Duffy’s inappropriate expenses. No taxpayer funds were used. Nigel Wright was not reimbursed by anyone.  We cannot be clearer on this point.

The CBC, Peter Mansbridge and Greg Weston misled Canadians.  

They should retract this piece of shoddy journalism.

Update: Weston issues a convoluted piece saying he’s not a liar (see here)

Also: CBC’s Peter Mansbridge has now put his reputation and career on the line by tweeting this “Our response to CPC statement this morning” and linking Weston’s twisting defence.


23 Responses to “Did CBC’s Greg Weston knowingly lie about “secret Conservative fund”?”

  1. Ian Says:

    If he didn’t knowingly lie he certainly committed the all too frequent act of drive by journlism whereby any negative news about a conservative is rushed to print before any facts are verified. Don’t hold your breath if you are expecting the cbc to post a correction. I’m still waiting for The Toronto Star to post a retraction about their report that Rob Ford asked the City of Toronto to delete his email and voicemail accounts. Another news site came out and said that the city has confirmed that he never made such a request.

  2. Liz J Says:

    They should retract , key word “should”, but don’t expect them to because the message/lie they put out fits their agenda.
    The Conservatives need to demand they retract and apologize immediately.

    • Ian Says:

      I just sent an e-mail to CBC to ask when the official response by the Tories would be published. Also told them what I thought of Greg Weston’s “drive by” journalistic talents. I won’t hold my breath for a reply.

  3. Anonymous Says:


  4. Guffman Says:

    CBC sucks.

  5. Ontario Girl Says:

    The CBC’s plan worked apparently. The opposition in Question period this morning, ran with this story, at nausea, and said that the “secret slush fund” in the PMO’s office, was used by Nigel Wright to pay Mike Duffy’s expenses. Even if they do a hidden retraction, the damage has been achieved, against the Conservative party…..Just like the Rob Ford smear.

  6. DW Says:

    Greg Weston, Terry Mileskiew,The CBC girl with the wild hairdos, And all Toronto Star reporters,The Globe and Mail’s reporter(s) with 10 anonymous sources in one column writing about Mayor Ford. It hasn’t gotten worse, we just catch them more often. And i bet we haven’t scratched the bottom of the slop pale yet. I recall the the same culprits of the past which included the two brothers doing scandalous docudramas not long ago dissing our troops because they hate the Canadian Army, and all that is good to most Canadians. And Carol, who is married to Lyndon……..and many, many more. I am too weary to want to name them all. They all lie with impunity. And the little uncritical, slack-jawed folk of TO and Ottawa absorb it all as gospel. And they still have a right to vote! Imagine!

    The New Conservative Party “step in it” often enough giving the Media party more than enough fodder. And the same over-paid liars in the media still choose to make up stories. Mayor ford is a gift to them and yet he remains mayor. It sticks in their craw mightily and painfully.

    There outta be a law!

  7. morri Says:

    is weston a liberal? then he lied.

  8. Cindi Says:

    Spurious reporting designed to deliberately mislead the readers. Mud sticks, no doubt it will be believed anyway. If it wasn’t a deliberate lie then I agree, a suspension and public apology is in order.

    • Ian Says:

      The MSM complaining about Conservative attack ads is pretty rich. They are the Liberals’ official attack ad on their own.

  9. Greenleaf Says:

    The Media Party always time their false reporting on a Thursday or Friday, so all you hear on the news all weekend, is the replay over and over again of the phoney statements, both on radio & TV, disgusting!

  10. Ontario Girl Says:

    The PMO’s “SECRET FUND” on tonight’s Power and Politics….with innuendo’s galore ….CBC has no shame…they need to be sued. The guest to spread the smear is none other then NDP Pat Martin, out of law suit hiding, shooting off his poetic mouth of manure .My GOD!!!!!

    • Liz J Says:

      CBC is obviously desperate when they’re scraping the bottom of the cesspool pulling out the likes of Martin. Shall we say birds of a feather?
      I suppose Martin is in need of the fee he would get for guesting on their show, assuming he’s still passing the hat…..

  11. john Says:

    If Weston wrote that the sun rose this morning I would be tempted to get confirmation.

    This nut has such a weed up his ass against conservatives he’s basically a caricature. He got his ass punted from Sun news and then he ran to the CBC where he knew his “foaming-at-the-mouth-I-hate-conservatives-act” would be welcome.

  12. E Mac Says:

    Is Weston a liar?
    Why yes, yes he is.

  13. Fred from Canuckistan Says:

    Weston has lost the plot. Kinda sad to see a former capable journalist succumb to HDS.

    He’ll be covered in drool and sitting upright in his day chair and adult diaper very soon at rate he is degrading.

  14. Another intentionally misleading story from the CBC on “secret Conservative fund” | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

    […] Also: See earlier post on Weston’s lie of a column that was completely denied by the Conservative Party here […]

  15. Stan Says:

    Sure glad Harper whacked Rathebeger’s bill, huh?

  16. Postmedia puts the lie to CBC’s PMO “secret slush fund” story | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

    […] This directly contradicts what CBC’s Greg Weston wrote about Nigel Wright controlling this fund – then backed up by The National’s Peter Mansbridge (see here). […]

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