Another intentionally misleading story from the CBC on “secret Conservative fund”


Whoever (as no by-line is included) wrote this story did their best to twist Conservative MP Chis Alexander’s words and also play around with the responses of the Conservative Party:

In an interview airing Saturday on CBC Radio’s The House, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of National Defence Chris Alexander said “no one is denying” the existence of a special discretionary Conservative Party fund controlled by the prime minister’s chief of staff. (see here)

You’ll notice that quotes weren’t put around the line fund controlled by the prime minister’s chief of staff  which leads me to assume Alexander didn’t actually say that but the reporter who posted the story wanted people to believe he had.

Curious if Greg Weston was the author?

Also: See earlier post on Weston’s lie of a column that was completely denied by the Conservative Party here

Note: CBC has updated this story at 4:28PM EST but doesn’t mention what it has changed or updated


5 Responses to “Another intentionally misleading story from the CBC on “secret Conservative fund””

  1. Ian Says:

    It’s amazing that the CBC interviewer was like a dog on a bone with his questioning until he got an answer he could turn into a negative. Funny how when the CBC asks a question of anyone on the left, they stop at one question. Case in point, Adrienne Arsenault saw Theresa Spence getting into a car during her hunger strike and asked her where she was going. Spence’s reply was,” to a hotel for a shower and a nap”. That was the end of the questions.

  2. wilson Says:

    Solomon trying to keep the lame secret fund story alive. It fell flat because the Prince of Pi has a secret fund his expenses are paid out of too, and so does Mulcair. And neither of them agreed to make their secret fund public, when asked.

    I am looking forward to seeing how many CBC employees are on that over $400k sunshine list.

  3. real conservative Says:

    The Liberal party is incapable of ousting the Conservatives due to incompetence, thus they need to lean on the corrupt media to do the job for them.

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