Star columnist asks Rob Ford for help with city construction issue just to write article


The Star’s Corey Mintz thinks he’s really cute for setting-up Toronto mayor Rob Ford asking for assistance so he could then dump all over him in a smarmy column:

He shakes my hand but is reluctant to accept the lunch I’ve packed for him. I think he could use a nutritious meal if he’s going to spend his day helping private citizens like me.

So I assure him that it’s a balanced lunch, a steak sandwich with pickled onions and basil and a salad with dressing on the side. He gives up a little smile when I say dressing on the side. The steak is bavette, cooked medium rare, sauced with jus, which is beef stock reduced down to a near-syrup. So basically, super-gravy. I include a signed copy of my book because, like the mayor, I never miss an opportunity to campaign. (see here)

What is the journalistic ethics of pretending to have an issue for a politician to help solve as a set-up for ambushing them? And people wonder what ‘happens’ to idealistic politicians when garbage like this is played against them.

Newspapers realize why they are dying right?


12 Responses to “Star columnist asks Rob Ford for help with city construction issue just to write article”

  1. Ian Says:

    Yeah if Ford hadn’t responded he would have dumped on him.

  2. taxpayer Says:

    I liked the “I think he could use a nutritious meal” angle. Gotta give him credit, he’s very subtle. Just a soupcon of smear, thanks.

  3. Michael Harkov Says:

    “I think he could use a nutritious meal if he’s going to spend his day helping private citizens like me.”

    A “private citizen”, in the guise of getting help from the very mayor his employer tries to eviscerate on pretty much a daily basis, who then uses the experience to write a hack job on what happens. Yeah, fair and balanced my ass. Oh wait, “fair and balanced” is a CBC catchphrase, isn’t it? Oh what is the difference, they’re both rank leftard MSM stooges anyway.

    This reminds me of that Star journalist who stood on the side of a road with a placard begging for dirt on Ford. These clowns aren’t professionals; they’re cockroaches.

  4. Ian Says:

    This guy is just another one of those left wing elitists who like to make fun of Ford

  5. Pissedoff Says:

    It’s a bad sign when you can get more sense out of a kid in kindergarden , than any so called adult at the Red Rag.

  6. Liz J Says:

    Just another juvenile excuse for a journalist playing silly tricks. I’m sure the Lefties will choke with laughter as they sip their lattes and wiggle their toes in their Birks. Damn jerks.

    • CQ Says:

      Exactly my thoughts, too. (I found the article while glancing through a ‘free copy’ during a visit to, yes, one of the many neighbourhood library branches here in T.O.).

  7. joannebly Says:

    So let me get this straight. A Star reporter poses as a regular citizen wanting to discuss a problem for which he already has the answer, and then when the mayor accommodates him he criticizes him for responding. Have I got that right?

  8. Stan Says:

    So in other words she is a liar?
    And proud of it?
    Colour me surprised…..

  9. PhantomObserver Says:

    Actually, think about it this way: a Star journalist has *finally* managed to get Mayor Ford to talk to him. Not by setting an ambush about his current “drug use innuendo” troubles, but by testing Mr. Ford’s reputation for “customer service,” i.e. visiting citizens with civic problems.

    For the Star, this is actually a step in the right direction: focusing on the mayor’s performance in office instead trying to destroy his reputation by innuendo.

    It’s useful to remember that Corey Mintz, the Star journalist, is *not* part of the City Hall group; he’s a food writer. So he’s not *as* infected with the anti-Ford rabies bug that’s so prevalent there.

    Of course the Mayor’s still got his guard up: you’ll note that Mr. Mintz doesn’t actually say whether he actually *ate* the box lunch. And despite Mr. Mintz being up front, at the actual meeting, about who he is, he still reports that the Mayor talks to him politely, albeit not warmly.

    So … not particularly “balanced” : this is an opinion column after all. But it *is* fair, considering it’s the Star.

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