Updated headline: Green’s May caught lying that party supports homeopathic ‘medicine’

elizabeth may

Either Green Party leader Elizabeth May is stunningly obtuse about her party’s platform or she is so used to lying and believing her own BS, she just makes up things on the go:

mayBecause according to the Green Party’s website and page 75 of the Vision Green platform paper (see here), the Green Party does indeed support it:

may green

But May seriously says it was not in that document:

mayAnd that:

“It’s NOT our policy and removed years ago from one draft fm committee.”

Will await the Media Party onslaught.

Update: Liar, liar, pants on fire:


Update: Good on canada.com (Postmedia) for running this: “Green leader won’t concede her party officially endorses junk science” (see here)

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