Updated headline: Green’s May caught lying that party supports homeopathic ‘medicine’

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Either Green Party leader Elizabeth May is stunningly obtuse about her party’s platform or she is so used to lying and believing her own BS, she just makes up things on the go:

mayBecause according to the Green Party’s website and page 75 of the Vision Green platform paper (see here), the Green Party does indeed support it:

may green

But May seriously says it was not in that document:

mayAnd that:

“It’s NOT our policy and removed years ago from one draft fm committee.”

Will await the Media Party onslaught.

Update: Liar, liar, pants on fire:


Update: Good on canada.com (Postmedia) for running this: “Green leader won’t concede her party officially endorses junk science” (see here)


20 Responses to “Updated headline: Green’s May caught lying that party supports homeopathic ‘medicine’”

  1. Steven Britton Says:

    This response from the media:

    * crickets *

  2. Ignoring evidence to the contrary, Green Party leader insists: “I repeat. Not policy. Not on our website.” — mooseandsquirrel.ca Says:

    […] Dean alerted me to the following with his post: Updated headline: Green’s May caught lying that party supports homeopathic ‘medicine’ […]

  3. bocanut Says:

    “Canadians are stupid” so they will believe anything May says.

  4. Natasha (@mooseandskwerl) Says:

    This lady doesn’t know a typo from her own party’s publicly advertised policies. And she thinks it’s Stephen Harper who’s ruining Canada. #Fail

  5. paulsstuff Says:

    Actually the bigger joke was May runiing around to the media maggots complaining about senators being unelected when she herself was ready to sit in cabinet as an unelected cabinet minister under the coalition. Not one so called journalist called her on it.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Besides being their darling, Elizabeth May never gets challenged by the Media Party because she is a Liberal Party stalking horse

      • Liz J Says:

        For sure she’s loved by the media party, she hates Conservatives. Given her close relationship with the Liberals/Lieberals it’s not surprising she’d tell the odd whopper, it’s part of their doctrine.
        We won’t get into the fact she has or is studying to become an Anglican Priest, we’ll just assume she hasn’t learned all the Ten Commandments.

  6. Jeff (@Thegreyweb) Says:

    She’s the leader of a fringe party. Go easy on her.

    • BC Blue Says:

      May gets a free pass by the Media Party when she rants about Harper – exposing her as a liar is vital

      • Clarence Says:

        While I don’t agree with everything you have to say Dean, you are spot on on this. Lizzy May is a disaster and must be kept accountable. Unfortunately only you and a very select few are doing so. Keep it up and cheers.

  7. Brian Llwyd Says:

    Greens have a little problem with words – there are sooooo many words and so little time to save the world..
    It’s “compl-E-mentary” not “compl-I-mentary”
    Unless they want health care workers to tell us how nice our hair looks.

  8. Steve E Says:

    When I checked the Vision Green platform paper, the quote you provided “We will promote complimentary health care…” was on page 73.
    Page 75 contains this bullet point gem though, “Expand healthcare coverage to include qualified complementary/alternative health professionals such as naturopaths, acupuncturists, homeopaths, licensed massage therapists, chiropractors, and dietitians.”
    They also don’t know the difference between complementary and complimentary, although I’m sure they believe that complementary treatments should be complimentary.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Yes, thank you…the page 75 was on the pdf file count…

      • Steve E Says:

        A different version of the Vision Green platform paper that has scrubbed the references to complementary (and complimentary ;-)) healthcare and the references to homeopathy and naturopathy was posted this evening. Punch My Ticket points out the new create date below.

        Ms. May is a real class act /sarc. She proves herself to be a true politician…deny (lie) get called on it…deny (lie) again then scrub the evidence. I’m sure the wayback machine can find the old document. If it was an honest mistake why not just admit that an older version of the document had been on the site.

        This latest document is significantly different in format and structure from the last document

  9. Liz J Says:

    Has Green Lizzy mentioned anything about the scientific fact the Globe has been cooling since the year 2000?

  10. Punch My Ticket Says:

    Hmmm. Current version of document has this metadata.

    Create Date : 2013:06:10 20:12:13Z

    Airbrushing the record now.

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