James Moore – CBC lapdog

James Moore

Heritage Minister James Moore continues to act as the CBC’s government lackey by having the nerve to sweep away Radio-Canada blowing $400,000 on a rebranding screw-up:

Heritage Minister James Moore is satisfied with CBC’s retreat over its much mocked rebranding effort and says he considers the matter closed.

“They made the right decision in going back,” Moore said Tuesday. “Maintaining a clearly Canadian brand for Canada’s broadcaster is the right choice.” (see here)

Tell me why Moore wasn’t demanding the resignation of the person(s) responsible for this complete waste of taxpayers’ money?

Then, tell me why Harper continues to allow Moore to have the CBC executives’ best interests in mind instead of Conservative voters.




CBC killing private news organizations by picking-off talent


The news business is struggling to survive across Canada except at the CBC where blowing $400,000 of taxpayers’ money on a failed rebranding exercise (see here) is shrugged off and while all others are reducing staff, the CBC headhunts and keeps hiring (see here and here).

I’ll be willing to bet that this is just the beginning of the CBC cherry-picking employees from private media companies.

The Globe and Mail and Postmedia have both rolled the dice by installing paywalls as their new business models and for them to succeed, they must put out news people are willing to pony up to see.

Publishers Phil Crawley (Globe) and Paul Godfrey (Postmedia) are depending on high quality content produced by their top editorial talent who are known to the general public. Having a no-name writing great articles won’t do it and the CBC could completely destroy their business plans before they even really get started by picking-off their employees.  Unlike the Globe and Postmedia, the CBC doesn’t need to turn a profit.

Do you think Crawley and Godfrey have clued into that no matter how much they have protected the CBC in the past, CBC CEO Hubert Lacroix will still knife them as thanks?


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