James Moore – CBC lapdog

James Moore

Heritage Minister James Moore continues to act as the CBC’s government lackey by having the nerve to sweep away Radio-Canada blowing $400,000 on a rebranding screw-up:

Heritage Minister James Moore is satisfied with CBC’s retreat over its much mocked rebranding effort and says he considers the matter closed.

“They made the right decision in going back,” Moore said Tuesday. “Maintaining a clearly Canadian brand for Canada’s broadcaster is the right choice.” (see here)

Tell me why Moore wasn’t demanding the resignation of the person(s) responsible for this complete waste of taxpayers’ money?

Then, tell me why Harper continues to allow Moore to have the CBC executives’ best interests in mind instead of Conservative voters.




12 Responses to “James Moore – CBC lapdog”

  1. Luke Says:

    He’s a fool, and I’m starting to feel the same way about the Prime Minister. Conservatives in Port Moody need to hold an open nomination and try to toss the guy before the next election. Probably not realistic, but its worth a shot.

  2. E Mac Says:

    And it only cost Canadian taxpayers’ How Much?
    I’m wondering why as well – That heads aren’t rolling.
    Get Moore out of that position and get someone competent to handle the CBC.

  3. billg Says:

    Because picking any kind of a fight with the CBC means Justin Trudeau is our new Prime Minister in 2015. Maggy Attwood and Maude Barlowe chained to the front doors of the CBC with the Star and the Globe and CTV and CBC of course all there to interview these great Canadian hero’s and the quest to stop Stephen Harper from destroying this country, then, JT steps in and hugs both women and tells us all how he can stop all of this with kind words and common ground.
    Look, the province of Ontario spends 12 billion dollars a year more then it takes in and 65% of Ontarians refuse to vote for the only party willing to tackle it because, Conservatives use “mean” words and tactics.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Running the country as if you were Liberal is a quicker way of ensuring Trudeau becomes PM. Sucking up to the CBC does nothing but embolden them.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Running the country as a Liberal? Thats silly. Sucking up to the CBC? By not getting into a fight you would be bound to lose is sucking up? The Conservatives are getting hammered in the media daily right now, adding one more bad headline doesnt make much sense to me.

      • InTOfromAB Says:

        The party can’t afford to take any fights that aren’t supported unanimously by the base, which makes it a particularly tough situation– the powers that be are in hot water because they’ve managed to piss off nearly every conservative, whether you’re a fiscal, social, democratic, or progressive con, with their recent behaviour.

        If the base was content with the govt’s performance, I could see tackling the CBC issue– but the CBC is an extremely divisive issue, even amongst the base– you’ll placate some, and further alienate others, AND you’ll shrink the overall base since tackling the CBC is not supported in any great numbers by those who arent core supporters.

        Tactically, it makes sense. But the fact that even a tactically sound decision is making people (justifiably) angry should show us all how much water the ship is taking on.

        • BC Blue Says:

          I take your point but I can’t see any Conservative voter happy with the CBC blowing $400,000 on a rebranding screw-up

  4. don morris Says:

    Many of us Conservatives are deeply worried by the government’s drift to the left,and their inaction on so many issues.They did promise action on the Wheat Board and LGR, but the CBC seems sacrosanct.

    Add to this the inaction at the CRTC, Elections Canada, Marketing Boards, the Firearms Act,and the pork barreling that has the MSM frothing in delight lately, and we’re starting to look just like the guys we replaced.

    Moore is about as Conservative as Pierre Trudeau,just another opportunist who’s found his niche. When he’s soundly defeated in the 2015 federal election, look for Moore to land on the Board of CBC,at a cushy salary.

  5. Liz J Says:

    CBC is using the Quebec model for blackmail. In the case of CBC operatives and “stars” they treat Conservatives like crap so they’ll bend over backwards to make them like them.

  6. Johnny B Liberal Says:

    Taxpayers are forced by this government to subsidize the CBC by over $1 billion every single year.

    The wasted $400,000 on a failed re-branding is only 0.04%, or a meager four parts in ten thousand of the money CBC doesn’t earn every single year to support its own existence.

    I suppose that Minister Moore and his buddies at the CBC trough aren’t concerned with such paltry sums.

    This government is quite content to continue feeding the CBC trough, and all the other troughs, as long as there is no fierce public revolt that will cost them sufficient votes to lose their own places at the trough.

    Good governance is no longer a priority for them, their only priority is getting enough votes to keep feeding, which ever way they can.

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