NDP’s Mulcair runs RCMP check point “Don’t you know who I am”


NDP leader Thomas Mulcair just pulled a Reese Witherspoon.

Update: From Sun News

Police say Mulcair is in the habit of simply waving himself through security checkpoints on the Hill, where security guards generally recognize him and allow him to pass.

Thursday, however, media reports say a new officer was working the gate and did not recognize the party leader. So when Mulcair failed to stop then continued to drive through four or five stop signs, the RCMP swiftly pursued his vehicle.

When Mulcair finally stopped his vehicle, he asked the officers: “Don’t you know who I am?” CTV reported.

Mulcair also reportedly made other threats to security personnel, along the lines that their jobs may be in danger after the confrontation. (see here)

Update: CTV’s photo of Mulcair’s car being pursued by the RCMP




Fair is fair – time to boycott anti-oilsands campaigner Lush


I guess you can tell how influential the cosmetic company Lush really is in its home country of England when all it could help muster were 3 protesters to show up to disrupt PM Stephen Harper’s address to the British Parliament (see here)

Odds are pretty good though Lush will have now lost a lot more than 3 customers here in Canada.

Curious how many Lush retailers there are just in Alberta?

Update: The list of Lush locations in Alberta can be found here

They love Albertans’ money just not their oil.

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