Fair is fair – time to boycott anti-oilsands campaigner Lush


I guess you can tell how influential the cosmetic company Lush really is in its home country of England when all it could help muster were 3 protesters to show up to disrupt PM Stephen Harper’s address to the British Parliament (see here)

Odds are pretty good though Lush will have now lost a lot more than 3 customers here in Canada.

Curious how many Lush retailers there are just in Alberta?

Update: The list of Lush locations in Alberta can be found here

They love Albertans’ money just not their oil.


One Response to “Fair is fair – time to boycott anti-oilsands campaigner Lush”

  1. BDFT Says:

    They love Alberta’s money and they USE Alberta’s oil. Stop using oil and maybe I’ll take you seriously. Otherwise, its just hypocrisy.

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