Trudeau admits he was wrong charging charity $20,000 for speech


Liberal leader Justin Trudeau tried his best to keep the unethical cash that a seniors charity had asked for back after he proved to be a fund-raising bust but he couldn’t stand the public thrashing he was taking even with the Media Party helping to shield him (see here and here).

Trudeau went on CTV today trying to justify his immoral behaviour by lamely calling himself a professional “environmental educational advocate” (see here) and putting out a press release which blames the Conservative somehow for his greedy ways (see here).

Trudeau though is now obligated to post all fees, organizations and dates of his speaking gigs after admitting what he did was fallacious.




37 Responses to “Trudeau admits he was wrong charging charity $20,000 for speech”

  1. Liz J Says:

    He can blame the Conservatives for outing him but he sure can’t blame anyone but himself for taking a fee for “speaking” at a charity fund raiser. To top it off his appearance was a flop. The charity can also thank the Conservatives if and when he returns the money.
    I We know he doesn’t know “pi” , it’s all Greek to him. Have to wonder if he knows the meaning of “charity”?

  2. Ian Says:

    On all the Trudeau supporters are out in full force saying he did nothing wrong. They refuse to see the probem with first of all moonlighting while parliament is in session, or secondly taking fees from charitable organizations. Yesterday they were all over Brad Wall for having the gall to ask some hard questions. It’s the arrogance that bugs me the most, “don’t worry, you’ll make your $20,000 back easily. After all people will be lined up to hear me speak”

  3. Cindi Says:

    What a hoot – a professional what – you say !!! He’ll get brownie points for this from the Media Party as if he never did anything wrong in the first place.

  4. Mary T Says:

    Let us hope that if he gives it back he doesn’t do it as a donation to the Charity and get a tax receipt. Wouldn’t put it past him.

  5. Agent Smith Says:

    This won’t excuse him – so he gives up the cash and still wears it.

    Next CPC election ad; “….millionaire MP Justin Trudeau racking in tens of thousands charging charities, yes actually charging charities! can u believe it?!… until he was finally shamed into giving it back – shame on him!” or words to that effect heh.

    It’s enough to bring a tear to a glass eye.

  6. Michael Harkov Says:

    LOL And of course on Liblogs, they are touting this as a MASTERFUL stroke, forgetting that this was done AFTER the fact that he was outted, having merely reacted.

    Meh, but what do THEY know; they would polish a turd to make it shine if they could.

  7. wilson Says:

    He never admitted to doing something wrong, just that all his life Canadians have expectations of him, he must live up to a higher standard!.

    Ha! The other 9 speakers didn’t charge a fee, just for expenses.
    So the standard he has to live up to is decency and common sense.
    That’s a real big challenge for him.

  8. don morris Says:

    I still don’t believe Trudeau did anything wrong.

    The charity was aware of his fee before they hired him, and it isn’t his fault no one showed up. Why didn’t the charity choose someone like Bobby Orr, who would have brought out the crowds, and charged a much lower, if any, speaking fee.

    The Board of the charity must be a bunch of hard-core Liberals, or they wouldn’t have thought Trudeau was a big draw.

    And in asking for their money back, they mentioned it would be good “optics” for Trudeau to be seen refunding his speaking fee.

    I don’t like Trudeau either, but he doesn’t owe them a cent.

  9. don morris Says:

    The members of the Boards of all the charities listed obviously support Trudeau,or they wouldn’t have hired him to speak at their events. This may very well have been their way of doing an end run around the political donation rules.

    I only wish the charity involved had been PETA or Tides,Greenpeace,Suzuki Foundation,instead of a Senior’s charity run by a Board of dumb Liberal supporters.

    But,again,Trudeau showed up, made his speech,and just as if they’d hired Justin Bieber for their event, they still owe him for his performance.

    The charity can apply for more funding from Trudeau when he’s PM,he might feel a modicum of guilt and shovel our dough to them.

    • Sean M Says:

      When Trudumb is PM… ??? LOL… thats a funny one! The idiot hasn’t done anything in his life for more than 2 years, so I guess he better win in 2015, which i seriously doubt.

  10. E Mac Says:

    Well, that wont happen PM Trudeau – No a chance.

    • don morris Says:

      No,and it’s not possible that a know nothing like Barack Obama could win over a war hero either.
      Remember the old saying about not losing if you underestimate the intelligence of the average voter?

      I know SO many Conservatives who are thoroughly pissed off about the ongoing Senate scandals,they will probably not vote in 2015.

      Take nothing for granted,Trudeau is a real threat unless he f***s it up so badly even the L-I-V won’t back him.

      • wilson Says:

        So where is the Prince of Pi going to get over 100 seats?
        Play musical chairs with Mulcair ?…. that wins him nothing more than Opposition.
        PMSH already has this little dude figured out.

  11. Sean M Says:

    Hey, the media will probably organize a fundraiser for Trustupid… they could call it the ” Save the Turd # 2 fund”… all tax deductible of course… or how about… ” Save the environmental educational advocate and part time snowboard instructor”… what a slippery little maggot!

  12. Blue thru & thru Says:

    I agree, the charity knew what his fee was and agreed (stupidly) to pay it. Let’s keep in mind so called ‘non profit/ charities’ often make a LOT of money and administrators of said charities are paid handsomely (e.g. MADD). $20K is just a drop in the bucket.

    • BC Blue Says:

      I don’t feel the least bit sorry for the idiots who hired him. They should be ashamed of themselves

      • Sean M Says:

        I agree, I don’t feel sorry for them either, you pay a turd to plop behind a podium and stink the joint out, you should either enjoy the stink, you paid for it, or try like heck to forget the stink. However, it is not the judgement of the charity that is in question with this issue, and the charity is not trying to become the PM,… Peeair’s stupid kid is.

      • Liz J Says:

        Given the partisan nature of politics, for a charity to PAY ANY politician to speak at a fund raiser is stupid since people from all political leanings support them. By choosing Liberal Trudeau they were giving him support for which they netted no gain, he was a flop, his “shine” didn’t deliver.

  13. Anne in swON Says:

    The point of the whole thing is that as an MP he should not have been charging a speaker’s fee to charities. That’s where the optics are bad.

  14. Martin Says:

    Trudeau cannot undo the damage caused, first by over greedy speaking fees, then being forced by opinion and the terrible optics to refund the money. He has demonstrated that he doesn’t recognize what is legal, or what the Ethics Commissioner says is fine, as opposed to what ordinary Canadians see as being right.

  15. Exiled Maritimer Says:

    $780 for a limo ride? Damn the expense – charge-it. He is offering to post his expenses – how about requiring MP’s to post audited expenses so there is no confusion or cherry picking of what are reportable expenses. This is a guy who as a plain MP charged more than the PM. And wasn’t there a report on extreme expenses at Katamavik? Get the NPD(Q) to chase it down so no one thinks PM Harper is being mean.

  16. ohboy Says:

    The young pud can’t handle ANY negative optics…he caves every time.
    Justin’s achilles heel is his neurotic need to be noticed by many…thought well of by all.

    Hmmm…I think maybe his parents were a little too wrapped up in their own narcissisms to realize that junior wasn’t receiving enough attention.
    A politician he isn’t. ..not enough bottom to ride out his self inflicted traumas.

    • wilson Says:

      ”…his neurotic need to be noticed by many…thought well of by all…”
      that image and great hair is all he’s got.

      He was supposed to ride in and rescue Canadians from the evil cons.
      Now we all know he is just another greedy rich kid using his position for personal gain instead of public service.
      He blew his own image. How stupid is that!

      He can fix the inappropriate speaking fees, but you can’t fix stupid.

  17. Krysta Meekins (@WhseGrl) Says:

    I agree that the charity messed up and that Trudeau did fulfill his end of the contract. If a keynote speaker doesn’t draw a crowd, it is not their problem. HOWEVER, the problem here is that an MP is skipping his responsibilities, for which he is paid by Canadian taxpayers, and using his elected status for personal profit. After he ceases to be an MP, he can feel free to flit around and charge for appearances, if he has any draw left. Not now.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    looks like he would donate the 20K back to the charity, this way he receives the tax deduction.

  19. Ontario Girl Says:

    What’s with these Liberals and charity events? Liberal Mayor Joe Fontana pocketed $41K in charity fees. Paul Martin would call them GREAT CANADIANS.

  20. morri Says:

    as the only living conservative in Canada, I must ask. what is wrong with trudeau getting paid 20k for a speech. I did not like trudeau senior and I do not care for trudeau jrs politics but he should be able to get whatever he can for his speeches.

  21. Ontario Girl Says:

    Trudeau even charged speaking fees at ” The children of HOPE” charity. Does it get any slimier then that one? I think it’s disgusting.

  22. bocanut Says:

    “professional environmental educational advocate”
    Next thing you know Trudeau will be claiming that he invented the Internet.

  23. gary Says:

    Notice how he makes it an external issue for the Right or Wrong thing to do. BS, he had a character flaw just like his dad to detatch his conscience from the harm or human rights violations he a Daddy dearest may cause on the poor. Good luck going to Court for robbing a bank of $20’000.00 and then tell the Judge you had a “Justin” moment and it was wrong, really wrong and I’ll just pay it back and thing will be OK.
    Lets not overlook the convicted crook Svend Robinson that was caught right on a Security video stealing a $60’000.00 item which be blamed on the stress from decades of homophobia in Canada. Svend cried to the Media and pretended to have a mental illness right up to his Ruling of Probation. Then, he suddely got better, married his lover and moved to Paris where the islamofascists are and will educate him on real gay hatred like in Iran or gaza. The islamists will gut n cut this liar and then drag his corpse behind a car as they praise allah.
    The NDP welcomed back this convicted thief to run for them in BC, so don’t expect any less from the Lieberals that gave us the AdScam where Jean and Paul used the Sgt.Schultz excuses, and now McGuinty and Wynne are using the Schultz defense that they are too stupid to be expected to have know what went on under them. They saw noth-in , they heard Noth-in.

  24. Ontario Girl Says:

    It’s hilarious to listen to CBC Evan Soloman tonight fall all over himself to defend Trudeau for taking money from charities. The same Evan Soloman who has been slamming and smearing Conservatives for sneezing. Now he is back at smearing the senate…two months of the story and Soloman is still at it trying to deflect on how slimey his Liberal God Trudeau is. He is desperately trying to change the channel to the former Conservative Federal candidate story from Montreal. Now he’s onto Rob Ford…too funny. WOW ..first time I saw CBC show PM Harper outside of Canada, even though they are smearing him to do with the senate as the story. It’s head shaking to watch Solomon squirm with his face so red it looks like he is going to burst a blood vessel .because his little Trudeau Jr. has been shown for the slime he is.

  25. Cindi Says:

    The Media Party is on the job now deflecting for Trudeau and blaming this all on the a conservative board member who likely leaked the letter. The CBC is busily working overtime to tar and feather the people who dared to say anything against the Dauphin.

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