James Moore’s ex-ministerial aide criminally charged for Montreal corruption


Stephen Harper has dodged a bullet and is very lucky that Liberal MP Irwin Cotler complained about Heritage Minister James Moore’s unethical hiring of  Saulie Zajdel (see here) as he was arrested today along with Montreal mayor Michael Applebaum (see here).

Fortunate indeed – imagine the photo splashed across Canada in the media of a Conservative MP or a staffer being led by the police in handcuffs.


16 Responses to “James Moore’s ex-ministerial aide criminally charged for Montreal corruption”

  1. Liz J Says:

    You can be sure the news media will let us know he was a former Conservative aide, that will be repeated over and over.
    Sometimes you have to wonder if Conservatives are/were simply naive or careless when choosing who they hire. They certainly don’t appear to have the street smarts of the Liberals.

  2. morri Says:

    so, just what is the problem with politicans from quebec? corruption seems to be written in their handbook.

  3. Thucydides Says:

    Liberals don’t need street smarts; the media covers for them.

    Try this: Google which party was actually fined for Robocalls in Guelph, then count the number of hits for who was accused of sending misleading Robocalls in Guelph…

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Politicians from BC and Quebec must use the same handbook.

    • Roy Says:

      hay don’t lump bc into this they won there election and kristy clark was investigated and there was no criminal activities.

      • Dave Says:

        Sure Roy, like the cops investigating themselves, with typical results: “we can’t find any criminal activity”

  5. plantguy Says:

    More and more I have to question how this government is vetting their candidates and appointments. Wallin, Brazeau, Duffy and now this guy. Isn’t anyone looking at anything besides their political affiliation when choosing these clowns?

  6. Ontario Girl Says:

    I wonder if Paul Martin will call him a GREAT CANADIAN like he did for chief Theresa Spence? Maybe not because Spence wasn’t charged with fraud or anything else…she was Trudeau’s, Angus’s HERO.(to name a few)

  7. andycanuck Says:

    Too late, BC Blue. The CP and therefore all the usual MSM suspects is calling him a “former employee of the Harper government”.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Still could have been far worse…

      • Liz J Says:

        Yes, could have been worse but this will still get the hacks some mileage out of it. If anyone spends a nano second with the CPC and gets charged with something it becomes an important factor for their agenda. Most of us never heard of the individual otherwise, not exactly a household name.

  8. Exurban Says:

    You seem to have actually detected a useful act by Irwin Cotler. That’s really quite a feat.

  9. plantguy Says:

    Not to split hairs here, but he kind of is a “former employee of the Harper Government”

  10. wilson Says:

    Well, many good folks were wrong about the new Montreal Mayor too.
    Hiring in a non-corrupt person in Quebec seems to be a long shot.

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