Media Party spiked Trudeau speech story and now go on attack to defend him


It turns out that the Liberal shills inside the Ottawa Press Gallery originally had the story that the Grace Foundation charity was asking for a refund from Trudeau and decided not to run it but now that it is out, are in full-damage control mode.

The Media Party started this by Facebook stalking the daughter of one of the board members of this charity who has strong Conservative ties and posting her photo on Twitter and in articles (see here):

baxter grace foundation

Dare to complain about Trudeau and the Media Party will hound you, your friends, your coworkers and your family. Wonder how reporters such as the CBC’s Kady O’Malley would like partisans doing that to her?

This then turned into a witchhunt for any Conservative source who had dared try and feed this story to the media:


See how this works? The Media Party will decide which sources it protects.

Think about the shudder that ran through all the political media sources (government whistle-blowers included) who now realize they could be outed by a journo if they deem it fit to do so.

Update: Oh, oh…the Media Party conspiracy theory implodes “Ontario union may ask Trudeau for speech refund” (see here)


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  1. Bubba Brown Says:

    Good comment Dean,
    Maggot Media has found a mean old Conservative, once removed to blame for Justin’s lack of judgement.
    Makes me wonder how many times he bombed and was Justin getting $650. a minute to take off his shirt?
    Just askin’

  2. anonymous Says:

    Charging charities 20k for public speaking appearances seems excessive — he didn’t need to charge that much, but again, they didn’t need to hire him in the first place. Charities can be mismanaged.
    Using tax dollars which pays PMO staff to keep the story in the media is corrupt– it’s using public funds to keep power.

    At any rate, in both cases I see government/power enriching itself at the expense of the public.

  3. Ian Says:

    They are complaining that negative news stories are being shopped to the media by the PMO. Well if the media did its job and actually took its focus away from the Conservatives for 5 minutes they’d find lots of negative news to report on trudeau.

  4. Ian Says:

    The Globe must have felt like they were being pulled from both sides. Say something negative about Trudeau, or say someting negative about CUPE. What to do, what to do.

  5. Fay Says:

    It appears that all Canadians must praise Justin or the CBC will hunt your family down on facebook.
    Please sell the CBC for the sake of Democracy and free speech in Canada. The State broadcaster is really starting to scare me!

  6. Ontario Girl Says:

    Seems The Toronto Star’s Susan Delacourt is uncomfortable with a story from the Conservatives but I noticed The Star didn’t mind taking a story from supposed Drug dealers when it was a smear against Rob Ford. The lefty media maggots are busting their a$$ trying to turn Trudeau slime of charging speaking fees to The Charity of Hope, United Way, Children of Hope,(especially sickening) First nations Water Conference(to name a few)into a story about the PMO once again. Don’t dare touch The media’s GOD!!!!

    • BC Blue Says:

      Delacourt used to have lunches with Paul Martin and his inner circle – she has zero credibility

      • Liz J Says:

        Didn’t Delacourt write a book about Paul Martin? He was a complete failure when he got the job he lusted after for decades, can’t imagine even Liberals interested in buying a book about him. He was part of the reason they’re where they are today.

      • anonymous Says:

        Possibly, but I thought her blog was fair, she rightly points out that using the PMO for this is a misuse of public funds, but she points out it was done under Chretien as well.

        If the party doesn’t want to be branded as acting like Chretien/Martin-era liberals, they’d best not act that way.

        • BC Blue Says:

          And when the Media Party lay down their arms, I’ll support the PMO doing the same

        • anonymous Says:

          “And when the Media Party lay down their arms, I’ll support the PMO doing the same”

          Lets break this down a bit

          What do you mean exactly by ‘media party’? It’s a term that gets used a lot, but it’s imprecise. Do you mean the Liberal Party? Do you mean ‘The Media’ in general? The two aren’t the same thing, and treating them like they are obscures that. There is a lot of media in support of less conservative ideology, but they aren’t, by definition partisan because of that.

          What do you mean by ‘lay down their arms’? Do you mean ‘stop being critical of the government?’ That’s the job of media. We should demand it of them. We should demand it of them for parties in power and for those across the floor. We should demand them to look critically at the executive branch as well.

          But you also use ‘lay down their arms’ to refer to the PMO, a tax-funded body. You’re saying you support taxes going to partisan purposes? That’s just hyper-partisanism, and a misuse of funds. We wouldn’t tolerate it under a liberal government, and we sure as hell shouldn’t tolerate it under a Conservative one, and as the public we deserve to know when our dollars are paying for our institutions being run like little soviet states, so we can demand better.

        • BC Blue Says:

          Don’t waste my time being intentionally obtuse. Post under your real name or go ‘debate’ somewhere else.

  7. Cindi Says:

    Take their focus away from conservatives – nah, couldn`t do that could we !!!

  8. Liz J Says:

    There are things of interest for the media hacks to report on like covering the PM when he’s meeting other world leaders abroad. They sure splashed lots about Uncle Jean or the frenetic Paul Martin when they were PM’s and since their retirements.
    Anyone got any idea what the Maggots will find to make a story about of PM Harper next? Has he offended the great Obama or Putin perhaps?

  9. Ontario Girl Says:

    Robo-call Glen McGregor has done his Liberal duty to defend Trudeau…he has two articles up at National Newswatch where he found Jaques Demers took a small speaking fee for Illiterate people and McGregor dug up a few more Senators who took speaking fees in another story…that should sooth Evan Solomon and Don Martin’s political shows tonight. WATCH…they will be all OVER this one. Too bad the senators aren’t all Conservatives but their names won’t be mentioned I am sure. They can also hit on the story of Shelly Glover and biased elections Canada…also up at Newswatch. ALSO they are saying PM Harper ducked a question in Europe about the PMO and The Grace charity…..busy little investigating by the maggot media today.

  10. Ex-Liberal MP is an “adviser” for charity that hired Trudeau to speak | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

    […] the Media Party now give this the same amount of coverage (see here) as they are about the Conservative connection to the Grace […]

  11. Ontario Girl Says:

    LOL…now the HILL TIMES has Conservative Eve Adams talking on her cell while approaching the security gate on the Hill (apparently from last week and coming out today)and she was FINED $155……………The maggot media are losing their minds because Trudeau was called out on his speaking fees. It’s really AMAZING how the media are working OVERTIME for Trudeau. Talk about “attack ads”. Opposition members don’t need them when they have the Liberal media. It’s too the point of ridiculous now……Talk about the media showing their true colors. Ezra shows them all up on his show tonight.
    CBC Soloman has taken robot “Susan Smith” out of cobwebs to AGREE with him on every word. She’s the relic from the old Don Newman biased CBC political show….along with Greg Weston….lol

  12. Stan Says:

    CBC attacked Brad Wall for critisizing Trudeau.
    Maggot Media is the right term for these losers.

  13. andycanuck Says:

    Ezra Levant on the Media Party covering for the real victim, Justin.

    • Agent Smith Says:

      Ezra spikes it as usual – so wish Sun TV gets more exposure. I wonder how their application is going.

      • don morris Says:

        Sun-TV failed to get mandatory carriage,it was reported a couple of weeks ago,unless they have some sort of appeal process.

        All’s fair in lust and war,and seeing as the MSM are the allies of the LPC, anything we can use against them,from any source is acceptable.

        I guess we have to get as “ugly” as they do.Perhaps some of our wealthier members should hire some PI’s to follow a few MSM personalities around.I bet they’d catch quite a few of them stuffing nose candy up their beak, just for starters. I doubt Conservative politicians in Ontario are the only people who like to use recreational drugs.

        And who,in the MSM,is sleeping with who? Any adulterous behaviour,any hidden trysts?

        Yeah, if it’s to be total war, let’s quit marching in a thin Blue line while they snipe at us from behind trees.

  14. Thucydides Says:

    The legacy media will become totally unhinged once the idea that these “speaking fees” were actually ways to get around campaign contribution limits becomes established.

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