Media wishes Bob Rae a gag-inducing fond farewell


The Ottawa Press Gallery are showing their emotional good-byes this morning towards their original choice for Liberal leader, Bob Rae.

Rae is suddenly such a “class act” in the eyes of Canada’s polis now that he has quit to become a First Nation ‘lobbyist’ – I can’t be that hypocritical.

Rae has been anything but classy. He’s a rude, obnoxious, lying jerk who for some bizarre reason, the media love and his new gig as a FN ‘lobbyist’ only proves how MPs have created rules with loopholes for them to exploit.

And while the Media Party and others lament their loss of Bob Rae – I instead think of him posing with this convicted would-be assassin:

rae atwal



10 Responses to “Media wishes Bob Rae a gag-inducing fond farewell”

  1. Michael Harkov Says:

    And the people whom with a sigh of relief he never became PM, remember Rae’s time as Premier of Ontario.

    Good riddance.

  2. beachlover1 Says:

    This is the second Liberal MP to leave the under JT’s leadership.

  3. Liz J Says:

    He’s of two heads, a Dipper and a Liberal Come Lately, It turned out to be an opportunity lost, all for naught. He switched allegiance to become top dog but the LPC had what they thought a better pick of the litter, they flopped. It’s going to happen again, Trudeau is nothing if not a master of gaffes, they happen every time he opens his mush.

  4. Ontario Girl Says:

    I thought someone would have to fan Hannah Theabault’s face with all her gushing, along with the other one on the CBC. What did Bob Rae ever do for Natives when he was premier of Ontario? Nothing. Guess he see’s taxpayers money given to the Native communities a free for ALL and he want’s a piece of the action as their Lawyer?$$$$$$$ along with his huge pension. He is still going to be a Lawyer and a consultant or adviser for the Liberal party and baby Trudeau though….someone needs to tell Trudeau what to do and say.

  5. bettie Says:

    It seems that Bob Rae is often a victim of bad timing. Case in point, his run for leader of Liberal party. And now, he resigned a day after Parliament closed for the summer. He probably wanted to make the announcement in Parliament in order to receive the adulation of each party, etc… so he missed out on that, not realizing Parliament would shut down on Tuesday.

  6. Sean M Says:

    The incestuous relationship between the Libranos, NDPQ and the media is indeed nauseating…. and dangerous. I wonder how many other Libranos are going to quit the Trudeau Party before the next election… Coderre is going to be organized crimes new Mayor in Montreal, and now NDP Bob… who’s next to leave the stinking pile that is the Trudeau Party.

  7. Dave B. Says:

    You are wrong. Quit saying his “new” gig as FN lobbyist. He was already performing this second job as a lobbyist. The only thing new is the amount of negative grief Justin was taking in the press with his speaking fee scandal. This would be a bigger scandal down the road if the media decided to investigate. Imagine being a lobbyist while still an M.P. in light of the Trudeau scandal, Rae had little choice but to retire.

  8. don morris Says:

    Incredibly,Lorrie Goldstein at NP wrote a column today lobbying Stephen Harper to give Rae an important ambassador position.

    I commented that Rae has two good pensions coming from his days as an MPP and MP,and now Goldstein suggests very strongly that this dipstick be given ANOTHER position at the trough!

    Have these people all gone soft in the head?!

  9. Lyndia Says:

    This “new” position with the FN only confirms my suspicions of how the two chiefs in MB were able to contact the Iranians.

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