Calgary mayor makes jokes in downtown TO about cocaine while his city floods


Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi is doing what he does best – giving speeches in Toronto to his adoring Media Party fans:


But hey, it’s not like Nenshi could have possibly know about flood warnings (see here)

Update: Nenshi feels Calgarians’ pain




10 Responses to “Calgary mayor makes jokes in downtown TO about cocaine while his city floods”

  1. Liz J Says:

    Maybe when Calgary comes to their senses and boots him out ext election he could try out for “Just For Laughs”, he’s a real hoot.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Imagine as a sitting mayor, coming into someone else’s city and making wise-cracks like that about them to the media

      • Bec Says:

        He’s disengaged……it’s gone to his head……I despised the last Mayor as his arrogance/.agenda became so apparent but this guy is all about the ME, ME, ME…..look at ME.
        For Nenshi to say this in T.O. is so HIM and so embarrasing. He has no obvious social graces and has no business running a world class city. Bring on DAVE!

  2. bocanut Says:

    Nenshi clowns while Calgary drowns.

  3. Kelowna Lorne Says:

    Mayor Rutherford – has a nice ring to it.

  4. john Says:

    Come on folks see the pattern here.

    Neshi tells jokes during Calgary floods.

    Shiny pony Trudeau, when faced with the hypothetical prospect of a terrorist incident; his mind automatically leaps to psychobabble nonsense about “root causes”.

    Vancouver mayor bleating on about “meatless mondays”.

    These lefty ******** are unable to deal with real problems so they have to retreat into cheap crowd pleasing and touchy feely garbage.
    It reminds me of when Chretien got on television the night before the 1995 Quebec referendum and begged Quebecers to stay in Canada. REAL LEADERS DON’T BEG!!!! Weak kneed weasels who realized their multi million dollar bribe campaign might not keep Quebecers from voting separation beg.

    I also remember the same great leader Cretch going TV on Sept. 11 2001 looking so scared he looked like he might **** himself any second. George Bush took charge that day. Chetien damn near ****** himself.

    These guys aren’t leaders. They are opportunistic celebrities who enjoy the applause.

  5. Frances Says:

    Calgary update: serious flooding as the area getting in three days the precipitation spread over three weeks in the floods of 2005. Schools closed Friday and request out to downtown to minimize or shut down until Monday. Friend already has email from office mgr saying work from home if possible. But mayor comes from northeast which is on high ground so no worries for him and his buds.

  6. Enkidu Says:

    This was nothing more than another drive-by smear on (conservative) Rob Ford by another smarmy lefty. Pretty much the level of class I have come to expect from the purple electoral sensation.

  7. Yesterday, Calgary mayor Nenshi mocked TO mayor Ford – today, Ford offers Calgary flood help | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

    […] Nenshi yucked it up about cocaine with his fawning members of the Media Party in Toronto yesterday (see here) Toronto mayor Rob Ford takes the high road and shows what real leadership is all […]

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