CBC reporter’s statement on Trudeau’s speaking engagements proven untrue


Sun News’ Ezra Levant and Faith Goldie caught CBC reporter Laurie Graham stating as fact that Liberal leader Justin Trudeau had all his paid speaking gigs cleared by the Ethics Commissioner. Problem is, that’s not correct at all (see here video 4:40 mark apx).

I’ve sent Graham a message asking her if she has corrected this on-air and will update if I hear back from her.


10 Responses to “CBC reporter’s statement on Trudeau’s speaking engagements proven untrue”

  1. Alain Says:

    Don’t hold your breath, because you will die. This is the CBC, n’est-ce pas?

  2. Bec Says:

    This adult KID is so out of his league in the brain department, it’s frightening. The idea that there are other supposed ‘adults’ who have supposedly better educations covering for this victim of nepotism, is crazy. May I just say, GROW UP to the graduates of Journalism who are so lousy at their job.

    LISTEN, LEARN and then REPORT/write. You are making all the people that wanted to be journalists, grateful that they are not journalists.
    To be ‘Media Maggots’ isn’t a compliment.

    • allenfmackenzie Says:

      I agree. Journalism attracts leftists. The intellectual and literary bent in journalism favors the creation of ”stories”, (rather than the delivery of hard facts) that have as a narrative the poor, helpless victim (who needs big-government and unions) versus the successful capitalist (who endowes himself with individual responsibility and a recognition of his innate powers).
      This should be remedied by changing the philosophy and selection criteria of journalism schools.

  3. gerry from gta Says:

    I watched the Communist Broadcasting Corporation today — they harassed Preston Manning on the topic of senate reform trying to tie him into the 90k payment — Solomon should be fired. I saw interviews with him and Justin Trudeau and he drueled over himself — he did not interrupt Trudeau as often as he did with Preston Manning. Is thins not wrong. CBC needs to go. It is biased.

  4. Sean M Says:

    The media have been aiding, abetting, cheerleading and covering for Trudope from the very beginning of his so called political career. The media and other Trudumb backers knew that the scheme of paying off Trudope for “speaking engagements” from school boards, unions, charities and other taxpayer funded organizations had the potential to blow up in their faces, and it is blowing up. It’s not just bad optics, it’s a co-ordinated scheme of back door fund raising, and it’s beginning to unravel, IMO. The really scary part is that Graham, MacGregor, Den Taint and other Trudumb cheerleaders in the media knew all this from the start and chose to either do PR for Trud, MacGregor, or lie for him like Graham, and to make things even worse they’ve all known what a dummy Justine really is. Anything for power. Unbelievably, today Trudumb was saying that he didn’t accept any money from anyone while he was a serving MP… yes, Justine is that stupid… dangerously so.

  5. Ontario Girl Says:

    The whole CBC content is Conservative bashing and conveniently, never reporting anything negative about the Liberal party. When they are forced to do so, they tie the Govt. into the story and defend the opposition parties with half truth’s. It’s like they are using the taxpayer funded broadcast show for one purpose only. .attack, attack, attack the Prime Minister and the Govt. Seems their new spin is says…”Out of the PMO” to give an impression PM Harper is involved in everything but the kitchen sink. I can’t understand why we have to grin and bear it. I hope I am still around if the day ever comes and the CBC loses it’s funding to smear, smear, smear. Ezra Levant get’s it right every time, yet not every household has the right to have the Sun News channel…… something is terribly wrong here. Mansbridge, Coyne and Milesky are pathetic and I hope people are catching onto their bias. CTV’s Don Martin has gone over to the dark side as well and him and his lefty panels, don’t even bother to hide it anymore.

  6. Enkidu Says:

    Still holding your breath waiting for that answer from CBC? If you are considering going to their ombudsman (I’m not sure what language ‘ombuds’ comes from, but apparently it means whitewash) for resolution, here is a paraphrase of his reply, ‘I have examined the matter deeply, and after much painstaking soulsearching have determined that I am as pure as the driven snow’.

    • BC Blue Says:

      And even in the cases in which the Ombudsman has ruled against a reporter, the CBC brass just ignore it

      • Liz J Says:

        Why would any CBC reporter apologize, they are following the corporation dictum, trash Conservatives at all times. The bias shown by the likes of Evan Solomon is an example of what it takes to be employed by the CBC. If they were serving all the people of Canada as they like to have us believe, he and many more who are employed there would be fired for blatant bias. Skewing the facts to manipulate opinion is their modus operandi.

        • don morris Says:

          Thankfully,we have a Conservative Minister, The Honorable James Moore, who any day now will bring the CBC to task. Any day. Soon. Just wait.
          My wife’s cousin is the head of one of the CBC’s national departments. In a conversation with him last Summer, he said he really had no complaints about the way his department has been treated by the Conservative government. He mentioned that the Chretien government made more cuts to CBC than Harper’s.

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