Trudeau charged $20,000 for speech at event that included NDP and Conservative speakers

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Yesterday, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau tried lamely to claim that he never charged for a speech as a MP:

“While speaking as an MP, I’ve never charged anyone a single penny.” (see here)

Unfortunately for the Liberals, that has now proven to be a lie:

Justin Trudeau’s claim that he has “never charged anyone a single penny” while speaking as an MP, has been leapt upon by the Conservatives, who say he was paid $20,000 to speak at a conference three years ago alongside representatives from the NDP and Conservative party, who were not paid.

According to the list of speaking engagements that he released, Mr. Trudeau was paid $20,000 by OPSEU to speak at the conference on that day. The union confirmed Friday that neither Mr. Goodyear nor Ms. Nash was paid. (see here)

Trudeau is not only busted for the lie, he is also guilty of breaking the MP’s ethics rules.


Vulture David Suzuki swoops down on flooded Albertans

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With at least 2 people known dead due to massive flooding in Alberta, eco-lunatic David Suzuki tries to take advantage of the opportunity to do some fundraising:

It seems hardly a week goes by when we don’t hear some climatologist or other expert say, “it’s difficult to connect one particular weather event to global warming, but…” We heard it this week as communities in Calgary and Southern Alberta were evacuated in the face of extreme rainfall and rising floodwaters. (see here)

Suzuki acting like a ghoul is bad enough and is no real surprise but the Huffington Post should be ashamed of itself for giving him the platform.

Yesterday, Calgary mayor Nenshi mocked TO mayor Ford – today, Ford offers Calgary flood help


After the classless mayor of Calgary Naheed Nenshi yucked it up about cocaine with his fawning members of the Media Party at the Canadian Club in Toronto yesterday, (see here) Toronto mayor Rob Ford takes the high road and shows Nenshi what real leadership is all about.

ford nenshi

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