Vulture David Suzuki swoops down on flooded Albertans

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With at least 2 people known dead due to massive flooding in Alberta, eco-lunatic David Suzuki tries to take advantage of the opportunity to do some fundraising:

It seems hardly a week goes by when we don’t hear some climatologist or other expert say, “it’s difficult to connect one particular weather event to global warming, but…” We heard it this week as communities in Calgary and Southern Alberta were evacuated in the face of extreme rainfall and rising floodwaters. (see here)

Suzuki acting like a ghoul is bad enough and is no real surprise but the Huffington Post should be ashamed of itself for giving him the platform.


11 Responses to “Vulture David Suzuki swoops down on flooded Albertans”

  1. terrence Says:

    Waddya expect from Dr Fruit-fly? Science? Facts? Reality? Not a chance.

    His hand is ALWAYS out; he is ALWAYS asking for “spare change”.

  2. Bec Says:

    How does this goof explain the 100 +years ago thing?

    He is such a waste of time and energy. WE have cleaning up to do and you do that with the good old Western spirit…. however, this guy can quit with the holier than thou BS and help with the cleanup or flow down stream with the rest of the crap.

    • Graham Fletcher Says:

      Can’t argue with your logic – I applaud what you say. Suzuki is our Canadian Al Gore – vilifying everyone’s business and lecturing people using hydro carbons, and then you find out they have a bigger carbon footprint than most people will ever have. Lying hypocritical bastards.
      Hey Fruitfly – doesn’t global warming you keep blabbing about mean the planet should actually warm? And when did weather become climate?

  3. Liz J Says:

    We all know he’s the darling of CBC, as long a CBC exists he’ll be on their/our payroll.
    That nude pose with fig leaf over his jewels should have given a clue to his pomposity, the Great I AM with the weight of the world on his shoulders.

  4. Steve O Says:

    Would someone please pick up this piece of human garbage (Suzuki) and put it out with Mondays trash collection..Steve o

  5. Liz J Says:

    A correction, that’s not a fig leaf he’s wearing, it appears to be a Maple Leaf. A fine way to show respect for our national symbol. BTW, any guesses on what’s keeping the leaf in place?

  6. Bubba Brown Says:

    Leaf’s me cold, …….shudder.
    So what is saint Suzuki doin’ with the planet on his shoulders?
    Looks like a crime in progress to me.
    Put it down!

  7. Sonova Fruitfly Says:

    The good news is that the Great Gazoo is getting old.

    So, after the State Funeral, the week of official mourning, the new statutory national holiday (Suzuki Day), the new postage stamp, the knight-hood by the Queen of England, the Nobel Peace Prize, the new university in BC named after him, and the new mountain, and the new federal government ‘David Suzuki Ministry of Climate Change’, all we’ll have left is several decades of re-runs on the CBC.

    And, his body frozen in liquid nitrogen, awaiting the day that science can restore him.

  8. Just Right Says:

    Suzuki is a one of the top demagogues who keeps the alarmism going. The Huff-Po features him as a revered regular, so it is doubtful that they would be ashamed.

    Thanks to the likes of Suzuki, “climate change” has become the goto excuse for all bad weather and related damage (it would never be mentioned in connection with a bumper crop). Last night, CTV’s National news story on the Alberta floods had an ‘expert’ opinion from a hydrologist who predictably pointed his finger explicitly in that direction.

    The worst of it is that “climate change” been so thoroughly drilled into the public consciousness by an uncritical media and academia that it’s accepted “wisdom” at all levels of government where you would be hard pressed to find a single plan or program that doesn’t address it as a key issue. Any citizen who tries to object or criticize is met by ‘officialdom’ with anything from a blank stare to the derision due a “denier”.

    Getting rid of this mass psychosis is going to be a long uphill grind.

  9. Syd Baumel Says:

    For those who didn’t bother to click through to the column, here’s Suzuki’s verdict:

    “Can we say the recent flooding and extreme weather in Southern Alberta and B.C. were caused by global warming? Maybe not, but we can say we should expect more of the same – and worse if we don’t do something to get our emissions under control….”

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