Postmedia editor shills for Calgary mayor Nenshi


How a news organization would allow the type of blatant propagandizing for a politician that’s online editor Patrick O’Rourke did is truly shocking. (see here)


Unfortunately this isn’t the first time I’ve caught the kids running the show at Postmedia without any adult supervision (see here).

Update: Postmedia’s O’Rourke responds




6 Responses to “Postmedia editor shills for Calgary mayor Nenshi”

  1. Frances Says:

    Love the ‘leave the laundry and dishwasher until later’ line. Written like a true bachelor. Is he next going to promote a ‘go stinky to work’ day?

  2. Liz J Says:

    How about we say it’s bedtime for Bozo? He must be awfully tired after his comedy act in Toronto.

    • john Says:

      This twit was really anoying to watch on the TV. We tuned into the news to see if the school our kid went to was going to be crosed on Monday, to see if the bus route I was going to take on Monday was going to be cancelled, to see if the neighbourhoods of our friends were evacuated.

      Did we hear that – NO! We heard this lefty rattling off a bunch of lame one liners acting all cutesy-poo for the press who were eating it up as they ALWAYS DO. The press never critcize this guy. cuz y’know that would be RRRRAAACCCISSSTTTT!!!!!.

      I’m not interested in you entertaining me! I’m interested in you being a leader I can trust to look out for my interests when there is trouble. Take your Shirley-Temple-Good-Ship-Lollipop routine and shove it!

      *edited* Dean

  3. Thucydides Says:

    Since smart people might already be thinking that the Young Dauphin was not an inspired choice, I can see grooming of potential replacements starting already. Nenshi seems to be a possible early contender for the job post.2015…

    • BC Blue Says:

      No doubt he has his eyes on the big leagues

      • Liz J Says:

        Going to Lefty Toronto and poking fun at their Conservative Mayor is certainly a clue he’s playing politics, broadening his horizons by playing to the interests of the media maggots.

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