Harper military jacket Truthers


The Harper-derangement syndrome was alive and well within the Media Party over the PM’s choice to wear an honorary Royal Canadian Air Force flight jacket:

In fact, a photo of Harper staring out the window of his chopper was strikingly similar to an infamous shot of former U.S. President George Bush surveying the damage Hurricane Katrina inflicted on New Orleans in 2005. (see here)

We will all look forward to the Leftie on-line rag Huffington Post comparing Harper to Obama in its next piece on the subject:


And even when the asinine hatred of Harper over this was acknowledged by the National Post’s Matt Gurney:

The always entertaining Sid Ryan was one of those who felt the Prime Minister’s choice of jacket was revealing. Mr. Ryan, a long-time union boss and current president of the Ontario Federation of Labour, took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the matter. Responding to a story at HuffPo Canada discussing the response to the Prime Minister’s jacket, Mr. Ryan commented, “Miltary [sic] uniforms is [sic] the wardrobe of choice for tin pot dictators. It suits Comandante Harper. (see here)

Gurney doesn’t mention that it was his coworker at Postmedia, Glen McGregor who led the Harper-hatred:


And when I asked Gurney about omitting it as an example of the anti-Harper nutbars, he said he missed seeing it and the dozens of other snarky sneering tweets McGregor made about the jacket.

Of course he did.

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