List of Conservative Senators who voted to gut union transparency bill


Once again it looks like we have Conservative Senators not acting very conservative.

Here’s the list of the ones identified to have voted against this bill:

Hugh Segal – Liberal Paul Martin appointee in 2005

Nancy Greene – Harper appointee 2009

Betty Unger – Harper appointee 2012

Norm Doyle – Harper appointee 2012

David Braley – Harper appointee 2010

Gerald Comeau – Mulroney appointee 1990

Jacques Demers – Harper appointee 2009

Stephen Greene – Harper appointee 2009

Daniel Lang – Harper appointee 2009

Paul McIntyre – Harper appointee 2012

Don Meredith – Harper appointee 2010

Richard Neufeld – Harper appointee 2008

Nancy Ruth – Liberal Paul Martin appointee in 2005

Judith Seidman – Harper appointee 2009

Larry Smith – Harper appointee 2010

Josee Verner – Harper appointee 2011

List of Conservative Senators who abstained from voting:

Donald Oliver – Mulroney appointee 1990

Vern White – Harper appointee 2012

Raynell Andreychuk – Mulroney appointee 1993

Diane Bellemare – Harper appointee 2012

*I’ll update as more information becomes available*


Trudeau to make his grand appearance in Calgary during Stampede


Of course after all the nasty work of dealing with things such as raw sewage has been done, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is telling the Media Party he will finally show up in Calgary:

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says he intends to roll up his sleeves and help with the cleanup after last week’s devastating flooding, which submerged the Stampede grounds and much of the downtown core. (see here)

As if Albertans need Trudeau posing for photo-ops pretending he’s actually ever worked a real day in his life.



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