List of Conservative Senators who voted to gut union transparency bill


Once again it looks like we have Conservative Senators not acting very conservative.

Here’s the list of the ones identified to have voted against this bill:

Hugh Segal – Liberal Paul Martin appointee in 2005

Nancy Greene – Harper appointee 2009

Betty Unger – Harper appointee 2012

Norm Doyle – Harper appointee 2012

David Braley – Harper appointee 2010

Gerald Comeau – Mulroney appointee 1990

Jacques Demers – Harper appointee 2009

Stephen Greene – Harper appointee 2009

Daniel Lang – Harper appointee 2009

Paul McIntyre – Harper appointee 2012

Don Meredith – Harper appointee 2010

Richard Neufeld – Harper appointee 2008

Nancy Ruth – Liberal Paul Martin appointee in 2005

Judith Seidman – Harper appointee 2009

Larry Smith – Harper appointee 2010

Josee Verner – Harper appointee 2011

List of Conservative Senators who abstained from voting:

Donald Oliver – Mulroney appointee 1990

Vern White – Harper appointee 2012

Raynell Andreychuk – Mulroney appointee 1993

Diane Bellemare – Harper appointee 2012

*I’ll update as more information becomes available*


11 Responses to “List of Conservative Senators who voted to gut union transparency bill”

  1. Liz J Says:

    Certainly acting more like independents than team players. Not sure what they were thinking on this one.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Harper’s biggest ‘legacy’ is the many mistakes he made in his Senate appointments

      • Alain Says:

        You are right and this is the proof.

      • Liz J Says:

        For a person who we accredit or assume gives a lot of thought to anything, any move or change he makes, it’s hard to fathom how he chose the Senators he did. He may have been playing the media, trying to get their ire by choosing high profile media people like Duffy and Wallin, it certainly irked them, they turned on them with a vengeance.

        Or, was he trying to make a point to drive home the need for Senate reform knowing bad choices would highlight that? There’s been something wrong within the Senate long before Harper became PM. It appears whoever is taking care of Senator expense accounts is not doing their jobs, or overlooking the rules.

    • mdh Says:

      Senators are intended to be independent. The real problem begins when they become political.

      Look south of the boarder – nothing gets down because both houses are hyper partisan. I would just abolish the whole thing rather than bring us to that same sort of gridlock.

  2. Ian Says:

    According to Marjorie Lebreton there were a number of reasons these Senators voted to send the bill back to the house. Some sided with the liberals because they were fearful that the liberal senators would take back their support for another bill (to remove section 13 of the Human Rights Act) which was up for vote later on, and others wanted to send it back so they could end the session for the summer. According to Lebreton she believes the bill will come back and will be passed

  3. Ian Says:

    Apparently Hugh Segal added an amendment to the bill which would raise the threshold for disclosing union employees salaries to $440,000 like the bill for MP salaries. According to Marjorie Lebreton she told him she was not impressed and called it “mischievous” on his part.

  4. don morris Says:

    I’m especially disappointed in Nancy Greene.It appears she’s been “Ottawashed” too.

  5. gerry from gta Says:

    I am losing faith — the accountabilty act was phase 1 — Bill C-377 was a start as I helped in the 2006 election and we knew Peggy Nash had CAW paid people who helped her get elected in Parkdale-High Park. Yet this was not accounted for.

    Bill C-377 was to help fix this. Bill C-461 was meant to expose government spending — yet both bills were gutted by conservatives — WTF — I am shocked — Bill C-461 should have a 100k limit — easier to map expenditures in the public service. Why am I voting conservative if they are protecting unions/ndp activists?

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