Trudeau to make his grand appearance in Calgary during Stampede


Of course after all the nasty work of dealing with things such as raw sewage has been done, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is telling the Media Party he will finally show up in Calgary:

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says he intends to roll up his sleeves and help with the cleanup after last week’s devastating flooding, which submerged the Stampede grounds and much of the downtown core. (see here)

As if Albertans need Trudeau posing for photo-ops pretending he’s actually ever worked a real day in his life.




8 Responses to “Trudeau to make his grand appearance in Calgary during Stampede”

  1. Agent Smith Says:

    Perhaps he’ll pull a Chretein a la the Manitoba floods – show up throw a sandbag or two on then vamoose.

  2. marryt Says:

    Will he throw one bag of something, like JC did during an election campaign in Manitoba. Wonder if he will flip pancakes and charge for it.

  3. john Says:

    I hope he doesn’t break one of those delicately manicured nails lifting his one teaspoon of mud.

    For Pete’s sake the guy is rich as hell. If he was really concerned about the people of Calgary he could afford to hire a crew of professional disaster clean up janitors to work for the week and a half until stampede. THAT would actually accomplish something.

    Typical lefty. Why put yourself out either in time or money actually ACCOMPLISHING SOMETHING when you can make yourself APPEAR morally right by looking helpful and caring.

  4. Rod Says:

    Why wait? The House isn’t currently in session(not that that has ever kept him from not going to work), and they are asking for help now. Laureen Harper(THE PRIME MINISTER’S WIFE, Justin) is there now, wading through filth and working to get things cleaned up. She, along with the others there now, will have it mostly done by the time he graces Calgary with his presence.

    It would probably be better if he just stayed home. Besides, I don’t think Calgary can afford his appearance fee right now.

  5. Sean M Says:

    Perhaps Trud #2 feels that his mere presence would be enough for Calgarians, give them something to rejoice in… after all “Quebecers are better than other Canadians” and if you listen to the media no ones better than Trud #2, except Trud #1. It couldn’t be something as cynical as a photo op for Trud #2, could it ? Of course the big question is how much #2 will charge for the privilege of his presence. Perhaps #2 will see it as an opportunity to give a lispy, blathering speech about “man made global warming” and how he’s going to save us all from our selves… what an actor! Good grief.

  6. Stan Says:

    Better check and see how much he is charging before agreeing to anything…you wouldn’t want to get stuck with a bill for a couple of hundred grand from him.

  7. don morris Says:

    The only question I have;what color of plaid shirt will Trudeau wear to the Stampede,green,red,or blue? I suppose it depends more on what matches his bedroom eyes,than the color of his political Party.

    Yep, Sean, Trudeau figures his presence will uplift Calgarians,he’s that delusional.

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