RCMP taking rifles from flooded-out residents

rcmp high river

The RCMP won’t let town residents of High River AB secure their own homes but then entered their houses and removed legal rifles:

RCMP revealed Thursday that officers have seized a “substantial amount” of firearms from homes in the evacuated town of High River. (see here)

We are seeing in High River what the Long Gun Registry was truly designed for – no hiding now that it was always about confiscation.

Update: It looks like the RCMP had the blessing of AB PC government




24 Responses to “RCMP taking rifles from flooded-out residents”

  1. BDFT Says:

    “The guns will be returned to owners after residents are allowed back in town and they provide proof of ownership, Topham added’
    How are gun owners going to provide proof of ownership for a gun that’s been in the family for years? I’m willing to bet that less than half of them get returned.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The RCMP argument that they were just safeguarding the firearms for residents because they are valuable possessions is ridiculous unless they are also seizing computers, tvs, and other similarly valuable possessions for “safeguarding”.

  3. gerry from gta Says:

    This is wrong — as long as they are legal this should not happen — Yep the Nanny state has infected the west.

  4. terrence Says:

    What else are the goons, aka RCMP, ‘safeguarding’?

    I USED to respect the cops, especially the RCMP. One of my great-great was in the NWMP in the late 1800`s; and in-law was a cop for over 30 years (a REALLY great guy). Both of these people are rolling over in their graves.

    But, since the RCMP murdered that Polish guy at the Vancouver airport and lied through their teeth about it, and the endless number of sexual harassment charges (most against females, but against number of males, too). I have very little regard for them.

    Unfortunately, it does not surprise me that they would break into homes and STEAL things.

  5. Bec Says:

    In Calgary, there hasn’t been any ‘computers,TV’s etc. These homes have been gutted in Calgary and those people have been in for half a week.
    High River will be a gong show. A very sad, sad and devastating story for this town.

    I do question this seizure but as I stated in a previous post on another blog, perhaps there are law and order reasons? There were people who would not evacuate and knowing the basic demographics of this community, this may be a smart move??

    Imagine a town totally evacuated with a dozen or so police……? nuff said? Just a thought…

    • Frances Says:

      Bec – apparently the army and RCMP were told to confirm every home in High River was evacuted. Which meant they broke into all the locked and evacuated homes to confirm same, even if a neighbour – who wasn’t leaving home – was available to confirm all gone. So there are a lot of homes now open to all comers.

      Needless to say, the RCMP did not deem it necessary to ‘protect’ any other valuables of the evacuated residents.

    • morri Says:

      there are no law and order reasons. it was theft. just try and prove it was your gun. did you see any looters running around other than the rcmp?

  6. john Says:

    For the entrepreneur there is a great business opportunity in the illegal, unregistered, untraceable firearms business!

    Machinists! Get in on the ground floor of this soon to be skyrocketing market! Build rifles and ammunition cartridges in your garage and make big $$$$!!

    Chemistry majors! Forget small profits making ecstasy and angel dust in your basement. Gunpowder is easier, faster and less detectable and less costly! The demand will only increase!

    TAX FREE and no government regulation or interference!

    Get in on the ground floor of this new and exciting industry of pirated firearms and ammuntion! The sky is the limit!

  7. john Says:

    If the citizens of High River are upset with the RCMP then here is a suggestion. The Alberta Police Act allows communities several options in providing their communities police protection. The RCMP is only ONE of those options.

    When the emergency is over boot the RCMP out on their politically correct asses and put in place the High River Municipal Police Department. The community has that right.

    The individual RCMP officers there would have two unpleasant choices: apply for a transfer to where ever the RCMP brass might decide to dump them or continue to live in High River in a civilian job (kuz let’s face it – after siezing law abiding citizen’s firearms you sure as hell aren’t going to get hired with the new municipal police department). Hope you like working at the 7-11 jerks!

    Personally? I’d **LOVE** to see this happen. The RCMP are gettin a bit too arrogant and they need to be reminded just who is writing their pay cheques.

  8. john Says:

    So the solution is to keep a NATIONAL police force in your town? Generally speaking the low the level of government agency the more accountable it is. A municipal govenment is more accountable than a provincial- a provincial more accountable than federal. Please remember the RCMP are jusrt admitting to siezing guns. This isn’t 1934. I’m sure the guns weren’t hanging on an open gun rack above the fireplace. These dicks had to search for them.

    What other things did they find while they were snooping around in someone else’s property?

    • BC Blue Says:

      I would completely disagree. In no way are say the Vancouver Police more accountable than the RCMP. The Vancouver riots for example proved that without a shadow of a doubt.

      Be careful for what you wish for.

      • Conservative Canuck (@Prue61) Says:

        Totally agree with you Blue on the VPD comment!

      • john Says:

        So what is your solution? The RCMP have become little more that the enforcement arm of whatever BS politically correct whim that Ottawa can dream up next. At least with control at the municipal level the people of High River have a chance of influencing this behavior. When the communities’ police are answereable to some bureaucrat police commisioner 3000 miles away they coudl give a rats ***about the people they police.

        Any police department can have problems all you can do is give the voters the most power they can to remedy those problems. Really sir, Vancouver is a bad example – Hongcouver is granola city, all fruits and nuts. Their police just reflect that.

        Also I think when a government department gets a bit too pushy the members of that department need some stern lessons. This plan would certainly send a message to other RCMP goons. Don’t mess with the locals because they CAN boot your ass out!

        If you have a solution you believe will work better than mine, please, I am interested in hearing it.

        • BC Blue Says:

          Your racist slur about Vancouver and reference to people living there being homosexuals tells me not to waste my time explaining anything to you. Please don’t post here again.

  9. Michael Harkov Says:

    The argument has been made that the data still available regarding gun owners should be deleted. This incident proves exactly why. Quebec, wake up.

  10. Liz J Says:

    I would imagine it makes sense for RCMP to check homes to make certain people and pets are safe. When it comes to personal property in such disasters do search warrants no longer apply?

  11. Angie Says:

    Most people don’t leave guns just lying out in the open… so while they are just “checking” houses, how do they find these guns? Because they are searching specifically for them. This makes me sick. And I’m sickened that the Alberta government is behind this. How will they be able to find “Proof of Ownership” if everything was ruined by the flood?

  12. Guffman Says:

    Wondering if a legal case can be made (possibly class action) for illegal search and seizure on the part of the RCMP. These police had no right, in my opinion, to break into, or enter these homes. If someone wants to stay home and drown in their own home, it seems to me that is their right. Police should be patrolling the streets only, to keep looters or vandals out, and that’s it, unless they have a warrant to go inside certain homes.
    I would love to see a good attorney take up these gun owners cause!

  13. Redford ordered RCMP to enter and take High River residents’ fire-arms? | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

    […] even ordered(?) the RCMP to break into people’s homes in High River and seize any fire-arms (see here) that they found when her campaign manager popped up on […]

  14. Stan Says:

    You guys are crazy, government would never confiscate firearms!

    Oh, wait….

  15. SDC Says:

    Most of you are forgetting that they didn’t even need to look at the joke of a registry to determine where to look, all they needed was a list of those who have been issued an FAC or POL/PAL at any point in the past (available from the Alberta CFO). Those names, and a phone book showing current addresses are all that they needed to start kicking in doors.

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