Liberal’s top BC official smears Laureen Harper


The Liberal Party of Canada’s BC President Brian G. Rice bills himself as “a well-regarded Liberal strategist and expert in social media outreach” according to Macleans’ Martin Patriquin (see here).

Since Patriquin is blinded by his hatred of all things conservatives (see here), you’ll have to forgive him for his lack of judgment of what constitutes expertise on social media:


laureen harper

Justin Trudeau can show he’s above the classless and immaturity of Liberal officials like Rice by having him removed or he can do nothing which would say he approves.

Update: Sun News’ Ezra Levant outs the source of the Yahoo hit-piece on Laureen Harper

levant yahoo


Alberta premier bans media from entering and reporting on High River

rcmp high river

First the Alberta PCs backed the RCMP seizing peoples’ legal property (see here) and now are banning the media from accompanying High River residents on their government escorted tours:


When a government tries to control what the media reports like the Alberta PCs are currently doing, it’s called censorship.

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