Liberal’s top BC official smears Laureen Harper


The Liberal Party of Canada’s BC President Brian G. Rice bills himself as “a well-regarded Liberal strategist and expert in social media outreach” according to Macleans’ Martin Patriquin (see here).

Since Patriquin is blinded by his hatred of all things conservatives (see here), you’ll have to forgive him for his lack of judgment of what constitutes expertise on social media:


laureen harper

Justin Trudeau can show he’s above the classless and immaturity of Liberal officials like Rice by having him removed or he can do nothing which would say he approves.

Update: Sun News’ Ezra Levant outs the source of the Yahoo hit-piece on Laureen Harper

levant yahoo


16 Responses to “Liberal’s top BC official smears Laureen Harper”

  1. Brian G. Rice (@bgrice) Says:

    Perhaps the full story should be told. As reported on, residents on the ground claim that Mrs. Harper posed for photo ops, and then left:

    • BC Blue Says:

      Yahoo using that lunatic as a source is shameful as you are smearing the PM’s wife. Instead of apologizing like a man, you double-down on your smear.

    • Pissedoff Says:

      So where is Justin?
      Oh yes he will be at the stampede complete with bucket and spade.

    • Frances Says:

      Brian – if you check the various Calgary papers, you would find out that Mrs Harper was at various locales pitching in. The ‘photo-op’ session had various Conservatives coming down and doing some heavy lifting along the Elbow River. Then she went to other locales to help as well. Have you seen the Premier in similar work togs? Or even the Mayor? Thought not.

  2. Liz J Says:

    Well, if anyone would know how pitch in and lend a hand it would be Laureen Harper and it’s no photo-op.
    Did Rice put on a pair of wellies and pitch in or did he just get down and dirty with his Liberal tongue?

    Did Justin himself show his face or give a hand in this disaster? The Liberals are becoming more and more classless, clueless and obnoxious every time they open their mouths, their leader is no exception. I don’t think he’ll even notice this boor’s outburst, I’d be happy to be proven wrong.

  3. Liz J Says:

    Perhaps Mr Rice used the term photo-op loosely as it’s used to describe any pictures taken of politicians in any circumstance that draws a lot of coverage. I think it’s kind of boorish to go after the wife of the PM.

  4. Guffman Says:

    Another classless Liberal loser. Well done Laureen!!!!

  5. Ian Says:

    Attacking Mrs. Harper is a stupid move. She is well liked by most Canadian regardless of what they think about the PM. She is very active in the charitable circles of Ottawa and never asks for any recognition. She has done alot more than Aline Chretien ever did. I hope Trudeau stays mum on this because it will only magnify his true character.

  6. Bubba Brown Says:

    Liberals, third place, second class and always classy /sarc off
    It must be tough now that their push poll great leap forward with Justin has evaporated just like his twitter followers proved to be non existant at voting time.
    Two things you will never see, a Liberal rolling up their sleeves to go to work.
    A Liberal reaching into their own pocket to donate.
    JMO based on a lifetime of observing Canadian Politics.

  7. Stan Says:

    Another misogynist liberal pig?
    Gee, what a surprise..
    Must be the old liberal war on women, huh?

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