CP reporter uses ex-Allan Rock researcher for anti-Harper quotes on RCMP gun seizure story


Red flags went off immediately when I read this Canadian Press story that turned the RCMP gun seizures in High River into a Stephen Harper hit-piece using a Carleton professor as the source:

Darryl Davies, a Carleton University criminology professor, considered the condemnation from the Prime Minister’s Office to be highly inappropriate.

“It’s completely and utterly inappropriate for the PMO to issue operational instructions to the RCMP,” Davies said Sunday.

Have we arrived at a point in Canada where the PMO can interfere in criminal investigations as well?”

Davies said he thought it must be embarrassing for the RCMP to be admonished by the PMO in the media, and that it undermines the force’s credibility and impartiality. (see here)

Media Party members keep a list of go-to professors and Lefty activists handy when they are looking for an anti-Conservative/Harper quote so I decided to look into who Davies was and look what I found:

Carleton University’s Darryl Davies, who also worked as a researcher for former Liberal government justice minister Allan Rock in the mid-1990s, says a more systematic approach is needed to help police prepare situations he says have been exacerbated by the Conservative government’s scrapping last year of the controversial firearms registry. (see here)

Now to find out who the CP reporter is and ask if he/she knew that Davies worked for the Liberal minister in charge of creating the Gun Registry?


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  1. Alain Says:

    Oh, I do remember Allan Rock who stated on record that firearms should be restricted to the cops and military; no doubt based on advice of this “expert”. I remember an old Native woman saying that an expert is a small drip of water under pressure, and I have to agree. Whatever the discipline university professors are never ever experts in the real world. Someone with real life experience in a given area would be a more acceptable source, be it on the Right or the Left. I got the biggest laugh at the comment that this “undermines the force’s credibility and impartiality”, since they have managed to do that on their own exceedingly well without any help.

  2. Liz J Says:

    IMO, if any “reporter” wants an anti-Conservative, anti-Harper opinion Carleton U would be the place to go. Liberalism is incestuous, I’d wager it’s a qualification to be tenured in that bastion of the Left.
    He’s a professor of criminology, we have to wonder if his politics is instilled in the end product at graduation.

    If the Prime Minister can’t have something to say on actions by the RCMP, who can?

  3. Guffman Says:

    Not really surprising coming from the always lefty ‘Canadian Press’. I’m sure you’re right about the media party’s handy list of Lefty activists as well.

  4. paulsstuff Says:

    Tell Davies none other than Justin Trudeau said the long-gun registry was a complete failure.

  5. Bryan Moir Says:

    Who will respond to violations of our Constitution if not the elected leaders of the country? That we should even have a situation like this, especially on Canada Day, shows how little we have progressed since 1867.

  6. Update: CP reporter’s RCMP gun seizure story source also hard-core advocate for banning ownership | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

    […] to attack the Prime Minister’s Office as a former staffer of Liberal minister Allan Rock (see here) but it turns out this Carleton professor also testified at a Parliamentary committee in 1990 […]

    • Darryl T Davies Says:

      The comments on this blog fit with the saying that while you are entitled to opinions your are not entitled to your own set of facts. First, I have never worked for Allan Rock either as a poltiical staffer or research advisor. This statement is absolutely false. I worked in the department of Justice when Rock was Minister but in the communications branch of the department of justice. I was hired under the Public Service Employment Act of Canada. There is a huge difference being hired as a public servant as opposed to a political staffer. The statements in this blog by Dean Skoreyko are not only false they are spectacularly false. Second, contrary to the nonsense about the media selecting people to spoute Anti-harper quotes I contacted Canadians Press not the other way around. Third, even my first year university students know that newspapers do not constitute primary documents for verifying the validity and reliability of coments by people interviewed for stories. Storeyko thought he found a conspiracy because he came across a reference in a newspaper which referred to me as a research advisor to Rock. This was a journalist error on the reporter’s part. Fourth my comment to Canadian Press did not question the legitimacy of firearms owners complaints about having their guns seized but rather the appropriateness of the PMO’s office directing the RCMP since the RCMP do not report to the PMO but the Public Safety Minister. Darryl Davies

      • BC Blue Says:

        – yet you never corrected that reporter’s assertion?

        – you had no communication with Rock prior to being hired?

        – as a Public Employee you gave witness to a Parliamentary committee and those reporters didn’t note that fact either or was that before you were hired by Rock’s ministry?

        – who was the CP reporter?

        – have you had dealings with this reporter in the past?

        – did you specifically contact this reporter because you had a past relationship?

        – you contacted this reporter to try and turn this RCMP gun-grab (which you support) into an anti-Conservative story without any Liberal asking you to?

        – I assume Carleton has no issue with you being proactive in contacting the media with the specific intent of attacking the PMO and PM?

        • Darryl T Davies Says:

          It’s obvious you have no experience dealing with the media. They do not send us drafts for approval. No rational person would make the stultifying comments you did based on a four line quote in a newspaper report. Instead of asking
          questions you should be answering them since you seem to believe everything you read in a newspaper. Did you bother to verify the facts before you spouted off a bunch of nonsense? Did you check to see whether your fantastical claims had any basis in fact? No instead you engaged in an attack on someone simply because you naiively believed four lines in a newspaper. For your information I do not know anyone in the Canadian Press and for you to infer that like everything else on your blog you should be held accountable. It’s ridiculous for you to think that I would take direction from any political party since I am a not a member of any political party. My point to the reporter was that the RCMP should report to the parliament of Canada and not to any governing party regardless of whether it’s a Liberal, NDP or Conservative government. Perhaps you would like to live in a police state. I do not. D Davies

        • BC Blue Says:

          I didn’t think you would answer most of those questions. “Police state” huh? – it’s sad that you are allowed to teach

  7. Darryl T Davies Says:

    Unless you can substantiate the fact that I worked for Allan Rock you should correct your blog unless of course you like peddling falsehoods about people. I don’t have to respond to any of your questions because you are the one who posted this nonsense. I noticed that you conveniently failed to point out on your blog that the Premier of Alberta who is a Conservative agrees with the seizure of firearms in High River. I guess you missed this story? As for your blog I suggest you carefully consider what you write about people as there are no discounts and wholesale prices when it comes to laws governing libel and slander in this country.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Your denial is there for all to see and I’ll await your lawyer’s letter the same you had sent to the reporter whose story I quoted. Put up or shut up.

      BTW Redford being a Conservative is as laughable as you being an unbiased news source. You sure are quite the ass though.

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