The silence from High River MP Ted Menzies is deafening

ted menzies

In all the news stories on the flooding in High River and how the RCMP and Alberta Redford government are trampling on the residents’ rights (see here and here) I started wondering where the Conservative MP was when it came to sticking-up and fighting for them?

I honestly had no idea who their MP even was until this morning.

A Google search shows the last mention of Menzies in a news story was from 3 days ago (see here) and besides some platitudes and sucking up to the local mayor and PC minister, his Twitter account (see here) is pretty much useless for anyone seeking information. As of 9:15am PST, the last tweet from Menzies was 20 hours ago and that was the only one since June 28.

And to add insult to injury, the Redford government is now limiting home owners from having anymore than 2 people help them clean-up. Why doesn’t Menzies show some brass and arrive as the 3rd volunteer?

Is this really what the residents of High River voted for as their Conservative representation?

Update: Menzies has declared he will not run in the next election but his reason makes absolutely no sense

Since the disastrous flood hit our communities on June 19th, I have travelled throughout the entire riding of Macleod and seen not only property destroyed, but also lives. My heart goes out to all those affected. As I spent this time trying to help my neighbours and constituents, it reminded me why I put my name forward to run for election in 2004.

For over nine years, I have been proud to represent the people of this large and diverse riding in Ottawa; together we have been able to accomplish much. As Canadians, we have developed a great sense of pride in who we are and what is most important to us. Witnessing the effects of the floods across Southern Alberta, and the devastation of High River and other communities, I have decided that it is important for me to be here more often. What brought me to Ottawa was a love of community and the desire to help Albertans and Canadians the best way I knew possible.

I am announcing today that I will not be seeking the CPC nomination in the new Federal Riding of Foothills (presently Macleod) leading up to the 2015 election. For the next two years I will continue to do all I can for Macleod, here in the riding and in Ottawa.

Because of this decision, I have asked Prime Minister Harper not to consider my name for any future cabinet position.

In the future, I am confident that a man or woman of thoughtful conviction will come forward with energy and enthusiasm to run in the new riding in 2015.

I am so incredibly proud and honoured to represent the constituents of Macleod and I am proud of our government. Together we have accomplished much, but being an effective Member of Parliament requires a team of dedicated volunteers, staff and supporters. It also requires a tremendous amount of commitment from family and I have been blessed with so much support from my wife Sandy and our family.

Thank-you to all who support me, work with me and stand by me as I continue as the Member of Parliament for Macleod.



28 Responses to “The silence from High River MP Ted Menzies is deafening”

  1. gerry from gta Says:

    I am personally disturbed — I am in Ontario — have voted Conservative all my life — had personally experienced the fallout of the NEP in Calgary as I worked for Dome Petroleum.

    I am disturbed as what I considered to be a Conservative government — i.e. Bill C-377 & Bill C-461 both being gutted — these had as much weight as the “accountabilty act” in the first session as Harper as PM — so what happened?

    What were they thinking? — prorogue the parliament and reintroduce Bill C-461 and put a 100 k limit and reintroduce Bill C-377 with the same limit and make sure all locals are included in the legislation — I and my father worked for unionized places and did not agree with how union money was spent — funny how most members were not aware of critical union votes on such funding. Told about meetings after the fact — they had the edge/lead on profiling members on who would vote such measures and who would not.

    This is necessary.

    If you want me to show up next election — get your act in order.

    gerry from gta

    • Alain Says:

      I am from BC with family living in Alberta, and I agree one hundred percent with you. I cannot express enough how fed up I am with politicians at all levels of government claiming to be conservative when it is in name only. I have voted in every election since I was old enough, and for the first time am wondering why I even bother. I hope the citizens of High River hold their so-called conservative MP’s feet to the fire on this. He should be going to bat for them and at least speaking out against the blatant abuse of power by the authorities.

    • B-Rile Says:

      Gerry: I returned my CPC membership card the day these CINO’s Omar Khadr into Canada. I am in agreement with you on the issues you raise – for me. I had put up with a lot, but was the straw that broke this Irishman’s back. I did not leave the Conservative Party that I volunteered for in the last three elections. I’m still here. They left me.

      *edited* Dean

  2. Liz J Says:

    Eh what, no more than two people allowed to help you clean up? What kind of sense does that make, especially if there are several people in one family?

    As for Ted Menzies, that’s surprising indeed, one would expect him to be front and center, showing great concern. Parliament isn’t sitting, they’re out for the summer, but that doesn’t mean they go off to the cottage and hide out when a disaster is being dealt with. He shouldn’t need a poke to at least show his face.

    • gerry from gta Says:

      okay — say I am out of line — are you happy with what happened in both Bill C-377 & Bill C-461? Add to people in my household — add in hundreds in other households — it is why the liberals failed — so either correct the problem or lose faith from the faihtful? Easy enough question.

  3. Bec Says:

    I’m not sure what is going on with Menzies. Is he trying to refrain from rocking the boat in a provincial matter/gong show? (because that is certainly what has been happening re HR)

    ALL Conservative MP’s were going to be here for the convention so it’s not as if he isn’t around and they are all generally here for Stampede so I guess I’m imagining him being like me and so many others re High River, we are also becoming ‘raging rivers’.
    High River, in many areas by so many opinions will be flattened. Not that the buildings aren’t there but the integrity of those buildings is gone.

    AS for letting 2 people in….why the heck bother. What a joke! They could bus people in re streets and walk in like we have in Calgary.

    Happy Canada/Dominion Day everyone and thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and these stories alive, Dean!

  4. wilson Says:

    MP Ted Menzies had his first chance tour in his riding on Wednesday, just like everyone else, he was not allowed in.

    Just because Menzies is not in the news everyday, why assume he is doing nothing. He is likely working one on one with his constituents, and is too busy to be on twitter.

    Some people are way too addicted to the news, life does happen even if it is not on twitter.

    • BC Blue Says:

      You guessing or actually know what he is doing – looks to me like you are just guessing. Your defence of him is lacking to say the least.

      • Jordan Stinson Says:

        You don’t know Ted Menzies do you?I do, he a friend of the family and I guarantee he’s work his tail off. He’s been voted as the “Most liked Politician in the House” by all the members. He is a guy with a heart of gold who works across the floor within the house. I think you have no idea who you’re blaming, you’re doing the obvious thing by blaming the MP from High River.
        I understand you are frustrated but I am positive, extremely sure and undeniably confident that YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON, you simple minded fool!!! Loud mouth with little motor running it. Smack!

        • Sarena Says:

          The fact is they may not now what’s going on because they are not informed about what is going on. Your information would have been adequate. The insults were unnecessary.

  5. brenton siddons Says:

    Just got back from high river, our apt. bld was basically unaffected except for a flooded parkade, since we were unable to return for 10 days, the sediment settled creating a 3 foot deep layer of sludge making the built-in sump pump system to clog, rendering it inoperable. our cleanup in 85 degree temps is now vastly more difficult and expensive. a colossal government fudgeup and disservice to our town.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Listen folks, Ted Menies is a personal friend of my families. He was voted as the “most-liked politician in the House of Commons.”He works hard as hell and works across the floor within the house like no other Canadian politician. He’s frankly an “all-star politician”and you have no idea how lucky you all are to have as an MP.He is a man with a heart of gold and if any of you met him you would think the same. I understand the frustrations expressed and I don’t have answers but I guarentee Ted Menies is working his tail off help the situation. So next you do the obvious, short-sighted thing by blaming the MP from High River, realize you have “no idea what’s really going on, you simple minded fool!”

    • BC Blue Says:

      Family friend yet you misspell his name twice?

      • Mike Says:

        I think the “simple minded fool” here, is Anonymous. Another Conservative (CON) hired internet troll attempting to mitigate their abysmal political handling of Canada’s affairs. I have many words for this person, none will allow this comment to be posted.

        Having been evacuated, myself from High River, I can say that there was no real evacuation, my neighbours and I saw water and left, I barely made it out, 3 cars in front of me were washed into a field. I am expecting to return to the town with nothing, everything I have worked my entire life for will be destroyed. The basement will have been full of sewer back up, water, and a who-knows for almost 2 weeks when I return. My entire house will have been festering in this humid box of waste matter at 25 degree C heat, everything that was not wet, will be now, and not with clean water.

        The federal conservatives have cut many programs in Canada, 1 major cut that affects me personally, is the National Water Research Institute cuts, which monitor water quality in all fresh water in Canada.

        I can assure 1 thing to this planet and everyone on it, I have worked too hard to be at a point in my life, to see that I have lost everything I have worked for destroyed, and not sit idly by and MAKE change happen. The federal CON party will be packing their bags in the next 2.5 years and I will celebrate their departure with every fiber of my being.

        A few words of advise, start packing now Ted, it will help you down the road so you can take all of your belongings with you, instead of leaving with just the clothes on your back, like I did.

        • BC Blue Says:

          I obviously sympathize with your loss but I’m not quite sure what the relationship between any cuts in that program have to do with the flood response?

  7. Jordan Stinson Says:

    Again, simple minded you are and guess what, small minded too.Ted “Menzies” so I spelt his name wrong,big deal. And that’s all you have in response……….and yes he is a personal friend of the family. That why I was upset by you stupidity. You ignorate tool!!! My name is Jordan Stinson my father is John Stinson who was a school trustee, Councillor of Rockyview and also one hell of a guy!Look it up and see if you mustard a solid response. Funny how people like you, set-up a page like this and they think they know what there talking about.
    Let’s see what that little mind can come up with. Let’s see if you have more than a typo to throw at me. How about you try again?

  8. Jordan Stinson Says:

    Who the fuck are u? Nothing is the answer, I can tell you are paper thin. You get angry but you’re a week lil man.
    Come on, come on tiger, not so big now, are u?

  9. Jordan Stinson Says:

    Game, set and match, you pussy!

  10. BDFT Says:

    How do they go about enforcing the two person rule? For that matter, what legal mechanism do they use to enforce it? I guess now that all the guns are picked up the RCMP don’t have much to do.

  11. Austin Moloughney Says:

    Any cannabis grows would have done nicely. Natural irrigation. But the lights would have been dark for over a week so any efforts would be failed. And guns? Any illegal firearms would have been hidden away where cops can’t see. Such a sad situation, the floods made it dangerous for anyone to re-enter the flooded homes. Sadly, cleanup will be done mainly with a backhoe. Insurance premiums will skyrocket, if anyone in this area can even get insurance after this. The MP could do little but watch. The $1250 debit cards are better than nothing, but what a slap in the face when they lost everything they own and $1250 might buy new bedding. Not that they need a new home to put this bedding into.

  12. don morris Says:

    Just a question for the High River residents; does your home insurance cover floods? If not, what level of government should we expect to bail in and bail you out,Federal or Provincial?
    My Mother-in-law’s house in Florida wasn’t covered for damage by hurricanes,and no company would issue coverage,so I hope Alberta insurance companies have fewer weasel clauses.

    • Bec Says:

      Flood damage is not an insurable peril anywhere in Canada. The definition of ‘insurance’ is the spreading of the risk for a few over many. So because generally the same regions are always affected by severe flooding the risk would be paid by all but only benefit the same people all of the time.

      Much of the damage in Calgary has also been sewer back up which if the homeowner added the endorsement, will be covered.

  13. Ian Says:

    I have a sneaking hunch that this was nothing more than a way for the RCMP to search for illegally owned firearms (owners without a valid FA licence). Those without a licence will not be reclaiming their firearms. Pretty sneaky.

  14. Larry Usselman Says:

    I called Ted’s office and all I got from his inept staff was that Ted could not intervene, in what was going on in High River. That was confusing, did not want intervention just a statement. Ted Menzies. Just useless. He should have been in there from day one. He should speak out against the illegal seizure of fire arms, and the list could grow, what he should be doing. All we get is I’m resigning, taking my big pension and laughing all the way to myranch. Basically Ted went to Ottawa to get rich period.

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