Update: CP reporter’s RCMP gun seizure story source also hard-core advocate for banning ownership


Yesterday I outed the source used by a Canadian Press reporter to attack the Prime Minister’s Office as a former staffer of Liberal minister Allan Rock (see here) but it turns out this Carleton professor also testified at a Parliamentary committee in 1990 wanting a total gun ban:

Some members of the pro-gun lobby have “threatened and harassed” rural residents who publicly speak out against the use of firearms, a Commons committee was told Wednesday.

The accusation was made by Darryl Davies, a criminologist and anti-gun lobbyist, during testimony before an all-party committee studying proposed gun control legislation.

“I don’t think power and intimidation should be used to suppress freedom of speech in this country,” Davies told the MPs.

Harassment techniques have included threatening telephone calls, vandalism and animal mutilation, he said.

Davies said he raised the issue to show that the gun control debate is not simply an urban-versus-rural issue, as several MPs have claimed.

Later, speaking to reporters, Davies said he is not aware of any organized movement to harass firearms opponents but he fears isolated acts of that nature will increase as more people speak out against the use of guns.

“I think when people have weapons and they phone you up, it’s obviously unnerving. My situation was a case where someone phoned and just left a message on an answering machine. But it was a very direct threat.”

Davies said neighbors of his in the community of Wiarton in the Bruce Peninsula have also faced harassment.

The tone of Davies’s remarks is indicative of the strong emotions in the gun control debate.

Davies wants all guns banned, except those used by the police or military.

On the other side of the debate are vocal pro-gun organizations, like the Edmonton-based National Firearms Association, which believes Canadians have a “right” to own and use guns.

The association, which was scheduled to testify at the committee today, generally opposes measures restricting access to firearms.

The Nepean-based Dominion of Canada Rifle Association, which claims to represent about 3,000 competitive shooters, also planned to testify today.

And I also have this gem from 1990:

A mild-mannered man in a navy blue suit strode into a Commons committee room and fired a round of chilling statistics yesterday in the battle over gun control.

Darryl Davies, a criminologist and gun-control advocate, hunched over an impressive arsenal of paperwork and gave MPs an earful from his strategic perch at the end of the table.

“Guns are violent and deadly killers,” Davies told the committee in its second day of an unusual preliminary study of the government’s proposed legislation. Then, in a stacatto voice, he let loose a barrage of statistical ammunition.

Most murders are committed with firearms. Almost all police officers killed on duty are shot. Ten Ontario children died last year in shooting accidents. Crimes committed with guns increase as more people buy guns.

And then a frightening statistic in light of last week’s anniversary of the slaughter of 14 young women at University of Montreal. “The weapon of choice for men to kill women and children is the gun,” he said, citing numbers compiled by Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics.

Davies rejected the oft-heard argument that people need guns to protect themselves from criminals. “I don’t believe in the law of the jungle,” he said. “I do not believe that we should arm people and that will cut the crime rate.”

Quite the ‘neutral’ source for a reporter to use huh?

I won’t even get into that this fanatic is allowed by Carleton University to mould the minds of young adults.


10 Responses to “Update: CP reporter’s RCMP gun seizure story source also hard-core advocate for banning ownership”

  1. Bubba Brown Says:

    Typical Liberal.
    I don’t mind if he does not like guns and does not want to own one.
    I do mind that he does not want me to own a gun.
    The difference between a subject and a citzen is the citzen owns a gun.
    Liberals don’t like that.

  2. don morris Says:

    “I don’t think power and intimidation should be used to suppress freedom of speech in this country,” Davies told the MPs.

    Ahhahahahahahah! In view of the HRC’s,which,I’m sure,Mr.Davies fully approves of,that statement is astounding in it’s irony and dishonesty.

    Thanks for posting that “gem” from 1990,a more complete list of lies about guns would be difficult to find.

  3. Alain Says:

    Either Davies suffered from a run-away imagination or he felt comfortable stating baldfaced lies as facts. He should have been challenged to present evidence of his claim that rural gun owners were often guilty of threatening the rural non gun owners. Considering it was the Liberals in charge it is not surprising that Davies was allowed to get away with it. Finally his statement that power and intimidation should not be used to suppress freedom of speech wins the prize, since that is exactly what we have experienced on a worsening basis sine then by the Left no less.

    • Thucydides Says:

      “He should have been challenged to present evidence of his claim that rural gun owners were often guilty of threatening the rural non gun owners.”

      Hey there; no challenging of the narrative! Read the signs the “elites” have put up.

      Besides, if you give people free speech, soon they might want free will.

  4. Sean M Says:

    Typical “progressive”, the truth is irrelevant and wrong because it’s not ‘progressive”. The “reporter” and his source, Davies are so very “progressive” indeed. “Power and intimidation” is the hallmark of a “progressive”. “Progressives’ will never be happy, not until they’ve declared what people can and can’t say and when they can or can’t say it, and until everyone is a defenseless ward of the all powerful intimidation of the State. I guess irony is also completely lost on these “progressive” morons. In the “progressive” mind, freedom is an abstract notion that will be determined and defined by “progressives”.

  5. Liz J Says:

    The freedoms the progressives advocate are those that adhere to their doctrine. Free speech is only free if it speaks to their agenda. The Trudeau Charter speaks to the Left, we’re coming very close to the majority having rights trampled by the minority by allowing such jack boot outfits as HRCs to override the very rights the Charter tells us we have.

  6. kootenaybob Says:

    “Guns are violent and deadly killers,” – it is indeed a pity this ass (Davies) is allowed to teach…but not surprising.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Yup, imagine the crap he tries to instill in those young minds

      • Liz J Says:

        It’s the mission of the Left to push their crap wherever they are and whatever they do. By the time the students have reached the halls of higher learning they’ve already been well instilled with Leftist ideology, universities/colleges are simply an extension of the same.

        If we need any proof we can recall how the schools pushed the Gore film and wouldn’t allow the opposing views to be shown. We can also note how David Suzuki is revered by school children, he’s reached sainthood in our school systems.

  7. wilson Says:

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