Huffington Post’s lunatic tweets comparing Harper to Egypt’s Morsi

Arianna Huffington

After the military coup in Egypt, the Leftie on-line rag Huffington Post thought putting up this collection of tweets on its website was sound journalism:

Canadians took to Twitter — like a defiant Morsi did before his removal — to express opinions on the ouster, with many drawing comparisons between Morsi and Prime Minister Stephen Harper. (see here)

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The only question now remains is if the person responsible for posting these still has a job tomorrow.

h/t Rob Rheaume




5 Responses to “Huffington Post’s lunatic tweets comparing Harper to Egypt’s Morsi”

  1. Guffman Says:

    More HDS. The tinfoil hat crew hard at work.

  2. Bocanut Says:

    Spoiled egotistical journalosers.

  3. Jen Says:

    Welcome to Canada Rimsha Masih

    A Canadian tale of generosity and compassion
    by Tarek Fatah

    Here in Canada, it is the Canadian group International Christian Voice (ICV) headed by Peter Bhatti (brother of assassinated Pakistani politician Shahbaz Bhatti) that is assisting the girl and her family to integrate in our society.

    On Sunday, Bhatti took the family to a Catholic Church where Rimsha and her sister went up to the altar and sang Psalm 139 in their mother tongue Punjabi.

    The promise of a new life in our great country is what you have to look forward to, Rimsha. As long as you live, you will never again have to face the bloodhounds of Islamism who chased you away. This is Canada’s commitment to you for blessing us with your presence. For all our flaws, you will soon discover why “the true North strong and free” is for the third year in a row judged as the country with the best reputation. Considering how Pakistan treated you, it is little wonder they were ranked near the bottom.

  4. morri Says:

    the level of stupid continues to expand.

  5. Ian Says:

    When i retire i’m seriously thinking of getting the hell out of this left wing country for good. The only place I can happily live in is Alberta. Born and raised here but enough is enough.

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