RCMP broke into unflooded High River home – opened closet

high river

Forgive the bad pun but the smoking gun has been found on the blatant property rights violations by the RCMP on High River, Alberta residents:

Upon returning to his home, he found a door kicked in, and it appears a gun safe in his closet was touched, though not opened.

Fleury’s neighbours were not so lucky, as their front door was ripped completely off its hinges, and was found lying in the yard. (watch video here)

The RCMP, the Alberta PC government and Minister of Safety Vic Toews had better start coming clean before their reputations are left completely in tatters.

Also: Watch Sun News’ Faith Goldy call out Toews for his silence on the RCMP seizing Canadian’s legal property here (apx 6:30 mark)


16 Responses to “RCMP broke into unflooded High River home – opened closet”

  1. mdh Says:

    Was it the RCMP of a looter?

  2. robins111 Says:

    I’m kinda dubious about the gun safe being untouched.. there was a news item released today about a locksmith hired by the Queens Cowboys to pick locks in High River..

  3. Bubba Brown Says:

    Was ir RCMP or a Looter?
    It was RCMP Looters.

  4. BDFT Says:

    And what about compensation for the doors? Even the most basic front door will cost over 1000.00 to reinstall. Your house could be completely undamaged by water and you still have to do a major repair and then go fight the RCMP for your guns back. Way to “Maintein le droit”.

  5. Liz J Says:

    There should be some answers forthcoming from the RCMP as to why they felt they had the right to break and enter, then stomp about in private homes to confiscate firearms. What they’ve done is violate people already suffering from this natural disaster. The RCMP actions should be considered a national disgrace.

    • don morris Says:

      Liz,I doubt the RCMP acted on teir own.They take orders from the Minister in charge.I’d bet they were obeying orders from either their Justice, Minister,Att’y General,or the Premier herself.

      And I doubt the Premier didn’t know about the order to do this.

      This is a real BIG “can of worms”,let’s hope,to use another cliche.it doesn’t get “swept under the carpet” like so many things do these days.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Long past time for a provincial force. The RCMP have become much too urban and cosmopolitan (and political) to deal with non urban communities.

    • Joe Says:

      Because the OPP, a provincial police force, was such a help in protecting Caledonia home owners, who were terrorized by ‘native protesters’ for years.

  7. CP’s editor-in-chief defends reporters breaking the law | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

    […] can’t, for example complain about the RCMP seizing guns in High River (see here) and then turn a blind eye to these lunatic al-Crackheads because ‘they deserve it’. […]

  8. Anonymous Says:

    My Daughter’s home in High River was also not flooded but she returned to a kicked in door. I find it ridiculous that these homes have been broken into. If they were secure then why disturb them?

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