Globe reporter stokes racial tensions after Zimmerman verdict

Rod Mickleburgh

You not only have to seriously wonder what goes through the mind of someone who holds the position of National Correspondent for the Globe and Mail when he posts such a vile race-baiting thing as this online:


But now think about his bias and judgment on any future news story he writes. Scary huh?

Here are some photos pulled off Trayvon Martin’s cell phone that you will never see Mickleburgh acknowledge let alone tweet:


Update: The Globe is apparently quite the hotbed of race-baiters as check out this from their ex-online editor Stephen Wicary who now resides in Communist Cuba:


Update: The National Post’s Bruce Arthur joins the race-baiters with this vileness



6 Responses to “Globe reporter stokes racial tensions after Zimmerman verdict”

  1. Alain Says:

    Bias is one thing, but the blatant dishonesty and lies are another. For some strange reason it seems these idiots actually believe it is their job to create the news according to their agenda instead of reporting the news. Of course I discovered this long ago and as a result do not bother to read their dribble if I am seeking true information and news.

  2. Bec Says:

    The only reason this became a story, let alone a case taken to trial is because of deplorable journalism and journalists. I followed the entire trial, only really knowing what ‘if it bleeds it leads’ type of journalists had been reporting. I was shocked at the evidence, as it unfolded that this had reached the fevered, untruthful pitch that it had, let alone even gone to trial.

    This type of public outrage by these so-called professionals makes them look as mindless and senseless as the Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson types. Inciting anger and hatred is not helpful and convicting someone through the media is weasel speech, not free speech which most certainly applies to all of these lynch mob journalists/actors/activists!

  3. Michael Harkov Says:

    So now it looks like there might be a civil action for Martin’s death. The rules of evidence are a lot more forgiving in a civil trial. All the evidence in favour of Zimmerman that was supressed by the judge in the criminal case; that will now be fair game. All those pictures that you have up there, Dean? You can bet that they will be submitted as exhibits as well; no more constant media-driven photo montage of Martin’s kindergarten pictures a la Omar Khadr. All those baiters with an agenda to see “racist” Zimmerman burn no matter how much the evidence stacks against them are setting themselves up for yet ANOTHER massive failure.

  4. Sean M Says:

    This type of hate mongering from “progressives” is to be expected… “progressives” hate. “Progressivism” is a disease of the mind and soul and the media is full of these diseased minds, and soulless cowards. The media couldn’t care less when “black children” are murdered daily in corrupt cess pools like Chicago, mainly because Chicago is run by a vile “progressive”, and the murdered “black children” are almost always murdered by other “black children”. If one was to only rely on the media’s warped version of events, Zimmerman would have been lynched along time ago, and the media would have built the gallows. Progressives don*t know what the truth is and they don’t care, because to a progressive the truth is wrong because it s not progressive.

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