Misogynistic comments about Conservative cabinet ministers from Trudeau and NDP MP Cleary

When specifically asked by a reporter about the women appointed by PM Stephen Harper to cabinet Monday, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau called them “mouthpieces” as the video above shows and not a peep was heard from the Media Party.

Now today, we get this from NDP MP Ryan Cleary:

clearyTell me if Harper had said what Trudeau did or a Conservative MP tweeted that about female opposition MPs the Media Party wouldn’t be frothing at the mouth.



12 Responses to “Misogynistic comments about Conservative cabinet ministers from Trudeau and NDP MP Cleary”

  1. wilson Says:

    Anyone one of the CPC female ‘mouthpieces’ has 3 times as much experience and 10x more class than the drama teacher.
    I thought Trudeau’s image was supposed to be Mr Nice,
    all I have seen and heard from him is Mr Negative.

    This is also the guy who thinks ‘barbaric’ is too harsh a label to be used to describe women killed for the sake of family honor.
    Does Trudeau have women issues? Other than his wife, are their any women in his inner circle?

  2. Guffman Says:

    You can always count on the media party to remain silent whenever a Liberal or Socialist says anything misogynistic like this, but yell and scream it in bold headlines if it was a Conservative using the same words.
    I’m still reading headlines about Duffy and Wright today, but never a mention of Liberal Senator Mac Harb who owes far more than both Duffy and Brazeau (and maybe Wallin) put together. Funny that.

  3. Alain Says:

    Just more confirmation that the Left’s claim of being defenders of women is a lie. It is the same when they claim to stand for tolerance or for being against racism, sexism and all for equality. The media party shows itself to be in agreement. It is for this that I am not the least bit surprised.

  4. Thucydides Says:

    Samizdat people.

    We know the media will never willingly tell the truth, so perhaps you should start talking around the water cooler.

    “How about that Senator Harb?”
    “What about him”
    “Didn’t you hear how much money he owes for false claims. Makes those other senators look like pikers?”


    “Wow, I can’t believe the Young Dauphin said that stuff against women again”

    Person to person, printouts, bumper stickers and t-shirt level messaging. The legacy media has no way to respond at that level.

  5. Ian Says:

    I’ve sent an email to Ryan Cleary telling him that his comments were juvenile and misogynistic. Curious to see if he replies. I’m totally disgusted by our banana republic journalists in this country.

  6. Jen Says:

    The female reporters will have to walk behind their male reporters with their mouthpiece shut tight.

  7. Ian Says:

    I just sent a message to Kady O’Malley asking her why the MSM is silent on this. Likely won’t get a reply.

    • Ian Says:

      O’Malley just replied and said Trudeau was calling all ministers mouthpieces and Cleary was quoting a Jeffrey Simpson article. She doesn’t think the comments were misogynisytic. The apologists are hard at work. And I thought it was the Conservatives that were divisive. Calling all Ministers of the crown “mouthpieces” is an insult to the integrity of our political system. Pretty soon Trudeau will be as angry as Tom.

      • Ian Says:

        O’Malley replied, when I doubted that a Conservative making these comments would get the same treatment, that she would have the same view. Hmm right!

        • BC Blue Says:

          Ya right…still waiting for O’Malley to write about Trudeau threatening to kick out pro-Choice MPs from the Liberal caucus.

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