Liberal government of MacKenzie King experimented on starving First Nations people

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You’ll notice that this CBC story (see here) on how nutritional experiments were run on First Nations people and quotes ex-Liberal PM Paul Martin, doesn’t mention that this vileness began in 1942 under the Liberal government of William Lyon MacKenzie King who was re-elected in 1940 (see here).

The article does mention that these disgusting practises continued into the 50’s but once again, fails to state that it was the Liberals who were still in power under Louis St Laurent until 1957 (see here).


Will the Liberal Party of Canada be officially apologizing for this sadism?

And what will the Conservative government do about these two Liberal prime ministers’ places in history?

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21 Responses to “Liberal government of MacKenzie King experimented on starving First Nations people”

  1. starfighter441 Says:

    This incident notwithstanding, I’d still consider Louis St. Laurent to be one of the best, if not the best Prime Minister of the 20th Century.

    • Michael Harkov Says:

      The Dr. Mengele type experiments nothwithstanding you mean.

      • Pissedoff Says:

        Probably learnt them from Mengle himself when he went to visit Hitler, coming back with same opinion as Chamberlain and a signed piece of paper, a framed autographed picture of Hitler.

        When proven wrong Chaberlain resigned, King just another Liberal. You won’t hear that from the lame brained media.

      • don morris Says:

        You should know better than to compare anything done here to the work of Mengele.

        “Children of the Flames” by Joe E. White chronicles the notorious medical experimental activities of Josef Mengele .

        I suggest you read this before you ever compare anyone to this monster.

        • BC Blue Says:

          Normally I don’t allow Nazi references to be posted but I didn’t find his to be completely out of line (in context of course). Let’s not shoot each other over this one ok?

        • Michael Harkov Says:

          Respectfully and duly noted. I don’t usually like Nazi connotations either

          *edited to end this discussion*
          Thanks Dean

  2. Nicola Timmerman Says:

    It’s the old story. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. You would think that after the Nuremberg trials this kind of experimentation would never happen again.

  3. Ian Says:

    I will eat my hat if the CBC ever mentions that the Libs were in power throughout this. You can bet your salary though that the Conservatives wouldn’t get the same. Atleo should be asking Trudeau for compensation from the Liberal party. You watch, if Harper sticks to his guns and refuses to compensate, ol justin will be all over him.

  4. Magnafan (@Magnafan) Says:

    Watch. The mainstream media will not stick the word LIBERAL in their stories. Why? Do you think the current crop of reporters, if they even cared, would even know?

  5. lynn Says:

    This is mind boggling. Experimenting on kids…. I just have no words, it’s so stunning. When I heard Yvonne Jones yesterday saying that Canadians should be ashamed over and over; I wanted to smack her. Canadians should be appalled. The people who should be ashamed are the people who were involved. This perpetual blaming of the population to deflect what was done politically is shameful. The last political party that should be shaming Canadians is the Liberal party.

  6. wilson Says:

    As much as I’d like to sick it to Trudeau and P Martin,
    Conservative governments are not blameless, to be fair:
    -Cons PM R.B.Benett 1933: Residential school Principals are made the legal guardians of all native students, under the oversight of the federal Department of Mines and Resources.
    Every native parent is forced by law to surrender legal custody of their children to the Principal – a church employee – or face imprisonment.
    -and under Lib PM King 1938: Attempt by the federal government to close all residential schools and incorporate Indian children into public schools is defeated by pressure brought by Catholic and Protestant church leaders.
    PM Harper will personally have oversight regarding First Nations.
    We can’t undo the wrongs done to FNs people, but this Conservative PM will do right by them now.

    • BC Blue Says:

      I don’t believe anyone is saying that past Conservative governments are blameless.

      • wilson Says:

        Not saying that BC, just a comment.
        But, on further reading, I would like to stick it to the Chretien govt and Paul Martin in particular, found a link in comments of an article that is now closed to comments, so can’t find nor provide the link.
        CBC reported this story in 2000, and the Chretien Libs did nothing. Paul Martin did not demand the facts be made public then when he could have done so.
        CBC did note in an article:
        “The reports of these studies, in which more than a thousand indigenous children were denied essential nutrition and in some cases deliberately starved, were reported as far back as 2000 but did not gain national attention.”

        • BC Blue Says:

          NP’s McParland also reminds Trudeau that it was strictly Liberal governments who experimented on these starving First Nations people

          “University of Guelph food historian Ian Mosby detailed bizarre tests conducted between 1942 and 1952 on northern Manitoba reserves and at six residential schools across the country.”

  7. Liz J Says:

    In Trudeau we have a person who needs to read some history before he yaps off on any subject where he attempts to lay blame.
    Experimenting on starving First Nations people is an abomination and to think it was done in this country under any Christian, civilized government direction makes it even more unbelievable. It’s beastly, it’s inhuman. Today if anyone did that to animals they’d be jailed.

    • lynn Says:

      Trudeau isn’t required to provide any deep thinking. He’s a horrible public speaker. But I have noticed that he is practicing his acting and channelling Obama’s physicality. You can see it in the way he struts.

  8. Congenital Tory Says:

    It is interesting to note that the Liberal Minister of Health for most of that period was Paul Martin Sr. Maybe Paul should be asked to offer some insight on why his father did not intervene to stop it. Surely, it cannot be the case of the bureaucrats not telling their minister what they were up to.

  9. RJ65 Says:

    I used to hold King up as one of the better Liberal Leaders and PM’s. Not any more. Often we try to apply modern day morals to the actions to historical figures. Nellie McClung comes to mind as an example. This situation though is so bad that I have to believe that if the general population of Canada had known about this they would have run the governing party out on a rail.

    I expect our Current PM to make things right on this, even though he and pretty much any Canadian below pension age were not even alive at the time. Compensation will come up and likely be paid – I would imagine generally without any complaint from the population.

    I also anticipate that the current government will try to have the population tar the Liberal Party with blame (that is just politics) while using this tragedy to build up good will with our aboriginal Canadians.

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