NP’s John Ivison tried to find something “nasty” on Minister Lisa Raitt

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This line from the National Post’s John Ivison is all you really need to know about the Media Party:

“it was tough to find someone to say something nasty — and I tried” (see here)

Is it really the job of a Press Gallery member to actively look for negative comments about a Conservative MP?

Keep in mind that it is Ivison who was the tennis partner of ex-Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney (see here). Guessing he never tried to find someone to say something nasty about his buddy.

Note: Photo from iPolitics above was taken at a journo pub event where Carney just happened to pop in after it became known he had vacationed at Liberal MP Scott Brison’s house (see here)



13 Responses to “NP’s John Ivison tried to find something “nasty” on Minister Lisa Raitt”

  1. Krysta Meekins (@WhseGrl) Says:

    I’m surprised that when Ivison was lining up the major rumoured contenders for next Leader that he left out Brad Wall. I certainly know that the Wall camp is where I’d be giving my vote, if he does seek the position when Stephen Harper decides to retire.

    • BC Blue Says:

      It’s a silly column by Ivison. You could write this about anyone…

      Keep in mind though, provincial leaders have never fared well chasing the big leagues.

  2. wilson Says:

    The media in general have lowered their journalism to gossip and looking for dirt rather than news.
    I blame Trudeau because he is Mr Negative, with nothing important to say, so the media is following suit.

  3. morri Says:

    looking for or creating something nasty is exactly what they do.

  4. Peter in Ottawa Says:

    He was only trying to pre-defeat opposition suggestions his article failed to consider the downside.

  5. Nicola Timmerman Says:

    Heard Tommy Schumacher of CJAD radio Montreal this morning dumping all over her because she dared to come to Lac Megantic without announcing specific money to be given out. Since the Quebec government already rushed in their to announce $100 million and Premier Marois is basking in media praise, I don’t see why the federal government has to immediately announce a specific figure.

    • Liz J Says:

      The Harper Conservative government will give help to Quebec to help them through the tragedy of Lac Megantic.If the politicians and radio jock/jerks want to play a game of politics they can talk to their friend Mulcair if they can find him among the vineyards of Tuscany or where the hell he’s hiding out.

    • RJ65 Says:

      I would think that the more prudent thing to do is assess the scope of the damage, respective responsibilities and then go from there to see what type of help (funds or other) is most appropriate. It is pretty early as they are still collecting body parts. Lots of time remaining to calculate funds.

  6. Liz J Says:

    Ivison is simply proving what most of us already know, the media party, of which he is part, is into tabloid journalism constantly seeking the negative, digging for dirt.

  7. Anne in swON Says:

    According to Conservative pundit, Geoff Norquay, on Power and Politics yesterday, all costs are initially covered by the local and provincial governments who are then reimbursed up to 90% of the total cost. The same will be done in the case of the Alberta floods.

    • RJ65 Says:

      I would expect that unless it goes bankrupt first, the Federal Government will be leaning on the rail company to pay up big time. Unless the rail company cooperates, Transport Canada which regulates the rail system will make life a living hell for anyone who wants to get that line operational again.

  8. lynn Says:

    It’s so damn tiresome and predictable. I just look at the headline and don’t bother reading anymore. Reasons for supporting this paper financially are rapidly disappearing. Perhaps they can sustain themselves on the audience that shows up to trash it on the NP’s dime and can’t be bothered to pay for a subscription for that privilege.

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