Postmedia puts the lie to CBC’s “PMO secret slush fund” story


What caught my eye in this piece on questions by Postmedia’s Jordan Press on the Mike Duffy $90,000 cheque posed to the director of political operations for the Conservative Party Jenni Byrne, was this:

The RCMP noted in the document that Gerstein oversees the fund. (see here)

This directly contradicts what CBC’s Greg Weston wrote about Nigel Wright controlling this fund – then backed up by The National’s Peter Mansbridge (see here).

Weston and Mansbridge will be issuing an apology just before resigning in disgrace right?


2 Responses to “Postmedia puts the lie to CBC’s “PMO secret slush fund” story”

  1. Liz J Says:

    Weston and Mansbridge apologizing, now that would be a real shocker, won’t happen. Like all the rest of the media party slagging PM Harper and his Conservatives will be sloughed over when they give out false information or when they get caught lying. They don’t have the balls to admit it or apologize and their employers don’t demand they do or reprimand them.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Weston and Mansbridge were probably quite aware that they were lying from the get go. IMO the “progressive” media will continue to make up stories and continue to lie about the Government up until the next election, while they deliberately exaggerate the seriousness of particular issues such as the so called “Senate scandal”, which if someone didn’t know better would believe the “scandal” was exclusively about Mike Duffy, and the Conservatives in general, which of course it is not. Truth doesn’t matter to “progressives”, what matters to them is the perception they leave with the public, and the perception the media are attempting to leave with the public is that the Conservative Government are behaving exactly like “progressives”, or Liberals behave, the truth be damned. While the media continue to lie about the Government, Weston, Mansbridge, the CBC and the other “progressives” that infest the MSM continue to gave a free ride to their candidate, Trud the 2nd. Whether the media are lying about the Government, or omitting facts and running pr campaigns for the shiny turd, they will continue their agenda up until the next election… The truth be damned on the alter of “progressivism”, where the end justifies the means.

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