Green’s May spreads “20 car derailment” rumour – Media Party protects her


Green Party Elizabeth May was at her Truther best last Saturday as she threw out the above tweet about a massive train accident in Sarnia Ontario. One big problem – it never happened.

Given the potential significance of an incident that large and the recent train tragedy in Lac Megantic Quebec, [mayor of Sarnia] Bradley said the national media were quick to react to May’s erroneous tweet and he fielded numerous reporters’ calls Saturday.

“Because she is the leader of a political party, she gives it credibility,” he said. “When she sent out that tweet, it got all the media in a frenzy. There should be a correction out from her office by now.” (see here)

And as before when May has been caught telling lies, she deflects instead of accepting blame and apologizing for her unbelievably irresponsible behaviour:

When contacted by The Observer Monday, May’s chief of staff Deborah Eindiguer said the Green Party leader had acted on the word of a single source who she would not name.

“The source is not willing to go public,” Eindiguer said. She said May did not attempt to contact CN before she tweeted about the incident in the rail company’s yard.

“She didn’t double check the information,” said Eindiguer. “And she still believes the rail cars jumped the track.”

May went on vacation Monday and her chief of staff said she had not received Bradley’s email or any indication May had got her facts wrong.

Here we have a leader of a national political party caught rumour-mongering on an extremely sensitive issue yet not a single reporter who saw and followed-up on it called her out until this story appeared today – 4 days later.

Just don’t hold your breath waiting for the media members to come forward and admit they read May’s erroneous tweet yet said nothing.



11 Responses to “Green’s May spreads “20 car derailment” rumour – Media Party protects her”

  1. Guffman Says:

    “And she still believes the rail cars jumped the track.” And I’m sure she still believes her morning glass of milk comes from cats.
    The Media Party is just as astonishing in their willingness to let this Dizzy Lizzy tweet go completely unreported. God help us that someone like this is in Parliament representing Canadians interests.

  2. Michael Harkov Says:

    Ah. The eternally convenient “anonymous” source.

  3. Bubba Brown Says:

    Tell me Mini Me Trudeau won’t be PM

  4. andycanuck Says:

    To be fair to the MSM on this, does anyone read May’s twitter feed to have caught this in the first place?

  5. Anne in swON Says:

    May’s source for this false information was “local resident Ron Plain” who was “the spokesperson for the 13-day blockade of a CN spur line” by members of the Aamjiwnaang First Nation. Can we just say **** disturber?

  6. Ian Says:

    According to the local Sarnia paper, several calls were made to news outlets by people who read the twit, I mean tweet. Funny though that Sun news was the only major news agency to report this. Where is the CBC, CTV or any of the major Ontario papers whenever these embarrassing things happen to the lefties.Oh right, their looking for a rug to bury it under.

  7. Jen Says:

    Remember folks, Elizabeth May said CANADIANS ARE STUPID-including the MSM.
    By the way, how is liz May doing without using oil of any kind.

  8. brad Says:

    even morons around here in chatham kent are quick to jump to her aid on the chatham daily news website. calling her an accomplished politician and smart and intelligent and blah blah blah. even when this woman has a history of being nothing more than an over exaggerating climate alarmist and communist idealistic despotic wannabe. but harpers evil I guess.
    mike harris fault.

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