Trudeau continues exploiting family deaths for political gain


It doesn’t get much more disgusting in my mind than a politician looking for favourable media coverage like Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has done with his father and now, brother:

“This place is extraordinarily special to me,” Justin Trudeau told The Daily Townsman Monday.

“It’s the place my brother chose to live his life. We didn’t know he’d leave us at 23, but every time I come back here I feel close to him.”

Trudeau made the pilgrimage Monday, telling the CBC: “I hesitate to even talk to it because it is a private hike with my family.”

He did post a photo of his hike on Twitter, where the Liberal leader has more than 200,000 followers. (see here)

Look for Trudeau to visit his father’s grave during the next election.





14 Responses to “Trudeau continues exploiting family deaths for political gain”

  1. Guffman Says:

    “I hesitate to even talk to it …” for at least a moment, but then I think ‘how can I pass up a this great, heart-wrenching story opportunity with the CBC press’?

  2. starfighter441 Says:

    It was a tragedy, in as far as it wasn’t a family outing back then.

  3. lynn Says:

    It’s maudlin, immature and self-centered. I’m not interested in Justin’s emotional ups and downs.

  4. andycanuck Says:

    I always take hikes with the media along.

  5. badbeta Says:

    I really resent these attacks on Justin. After all, he is a B.C. boy and that’s straight from Hedy Fry. 🙂

  6. Liz J Says:

    Appears Justin is playing the sympathy card as he wends his way to meet and greet Canadians across the country.
    This stop at the place where his brother died should be a private family affair, it has nothing to do with the politics of the nation, it’s pure exploitation. Appears he and his advisers are in desperation mode.

    Hedy Fry seems to be more off the rails than usual, Justin and his brothers are Quebec boys, they grew up in Montreal with their Poppa. We also should recall Justin telling us Quebec is better than the rest of Canada and note how the media party have let that one drift off to sea.

  7. Bubba Brown Says:

    Yup Hedy is full of B.C. Boy Justin looove.
    He has been quite clear however that he is a “Quebecer”
    Two drama Queens on one stage.
    Cue eye bleach.

  8. Peter Says:

    Junior -“I hesitate to even talk to it because it is a private hike with my family.”
    But the little crass opportunist could not wait to get the photo out into the cyber world for media and everyone else.
    How stupid and gullible does Junior think Canadians are?

  9. Liz J Says:

    Perhaps Justin should be spending the summer studying Canadian history and doing a bit more growing mentally.
    He’s not presenting as a person who is prepared for the job he seeks, or maybe more accurately the LPC is pushing him into. It’s hard to imagine this man representing us around the world, he’s such a contrast to our present PM who is well informed and has the look and composure of someone who knows what he’s doing and what’s going on around the world and at home.

    • Sean M Says:

      Agreed… If in the very unlikely scenario #2 was to become PM, Canada’s reputation as a serious nation would take a serious hit. Justyboy would be an embarrassment not just to himself, but to the nation as a whole. Thankfully, little Justy is only the “leader” of the Trudeau Party because of his name, and because of the cynic’s and crass political vultures still circling the rotting carcass that once was called the Liberal Party. The man/boy is a transparently hopeless dope and IMO Canadians will see right through the facade of shiny nothingness.

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