Video: Trudeau comes out supporting fully legalizing pot

Because booze never finds its way into the hands of minors:

Trudeau “Marijuana should be legal in Canada to keep it away from kids”

Just last year at the Liberal Party convention, Trudeau had this to say:

“So I don’t know that legalizing it – although I totally understand the arguments around removing the criminal elements – I don’t know that it’s entirely consistent with the society we’re trying to build”

And in 2009, Trudeau voted for Bill C-15 which would have imposed mandatory minimum sentences for marijuana-related offences.

Quite consistent isn’t he?

This is what you get from a politician who hasn’t the mental capacity to fully analyze issues.


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  1. Conservative Canuck (@Prue61) Says:

    Ya, like that worked with tobacco!

    • Ian Says:

      Does he really believe that kids won’t be able to get any pot. All this will do is give the Akwasasne Mohawks another product to sell on the black market like cigarettes and booze.

  2. Liz J Says:

    Very brave fellow but he’s leaving himself open to being dubbed a “pothead”. That might be a step up from “airhead”. He’s a typical Liberal, trying to be all things to all people, changing his mind with the wind.

    • Ian Says:

      I recently watched a you tube video where Marc Emery, the guy who is in prison now in the US for selling marijuana seeds, said that he and Trudeau have smoked pot together in the past, but did you ever see that reported in the news. Can you imagine if a Conservative MP was linked with Marc Emery. Kady O’Malley would have a field day. The CBC woud air a rison interview with Emery for sure.

  3. Says:

    Leaglization or decriminalization has not worked out too well for Holland.
    That is a Country in Europe Justin.
    Sounds like he was a choom buddy with the other Prince of Pot.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Yes, you cannot decriminalize in isolation – especially with the largest drug consumer in the world as your next door neighbour

      • Bubba Brown Says:

        Speaking from experience and knowing people that are heavy pot smokers.
        It is not a harmless or benign drug.
        I think it has profound effects on mood, ambition and just general ability to cope with stressful situations.
        Just my opinion, I am very happy my adult kids do not use.
        I would be very upset with my grandkids if they were experimenting, it just isn’t worth it.
        Had a conversation with a fellow in a lunchroom at a sawmill.
        He was praising Coke.
        I told him I would have to take his word for it.
        He said you GOT to try it!
        Told him I own my home, have every tool and toy I ever wanted a 45 year good marriage, money invested, good health.
        That stuff can make all that dissapear.
        What is it going to give me to make up for that?
        Still waiting for an answer.

  4. Clary Says:

    The war on drugs is a hundred billion dollar failure. Of course pot should be legal. But I’m not voting for the shiny pony just for that.

    • Sean M Says:

      Well, considering Justine doesn’t have any policies what so ever, one can only assume that you’re supporting him because he appeals to your vacuousness, superficiality and general all round shallowness, just like Justine.

      • Ian Says:

        Trudeau is banking that all those young stoners, who traditionally are too disinterested to vote, will come out in droves to vote for this single issue party. The older Liberals will vote for him because, no matter what, they always do. I have a friend who is a died in he wool Liberal voter, (although he has almost all the values of a Conservative which makes his voting choice strange) who does not like Trudeau but will be voting for him??? Either he himself is a user, or he is up to the old Liberal trick of pandering to a particular group, like his old man and Johnny Crouton used to do with Quebec.

    • Ian Says:

      Just read an article on CTV It’s interesting that he gave a speech at the University of Western Ontario saying the same thing yet not one single word was written on this. If that’s not an example of how Trudeau is getting favourable treatment by the MSM , then I don’t know what is!

  5. starfighter441 Says:

    As much as it pains me to agree with la Petite Dauphin, I do. Legalise it and tax the hell out of it.

    • Sean M Says:

      Honestly, to believe Canada would act exclusively or contrary to the USA and Mexico with regards to legalizing weed is naive at best. The legalization of weed will only happen when a North American strategy has been established. Trud #2 can say whatever vacuous notion tumbles out of his empty head, and it might fool some people into supporting his empty thoughts, but it is all meaningless. If in the very unlikely scenario Justyboy becomes the PM, he would do nothing with regards to this file, although it is highly possible he would simply make things worse… much worse. Don’y believe the hype, and beware fools offering ridiculously simple answers to very complex issues.

    • ohboy Says:

      Unfortunately taxlng the ‘hell out of ‘ legalized marijuana only succeeds in creating a lucrative black market that sells to the consumer at a lower price.
      That’s been the problem with tobacco and why gov’ts have lowered the taxes on occasion in the past…otherwise the black market takes off and the treasury suffers the lost revenue.

      As for Justin, he is a slimeball who is wetting his drawers, dreaming of his perceived status as PM…the only problem is that Canada will have no status, perceived or otherwise if the electorate is foolish enough to allow this fool to front the liberal cabal as Canada’s gov’t.
      If Justin gave a real **** about this great country, he would realize that he does not have the needed credentials to lead and not continue with this populous charade of a lie and step down immediately.

      • BC Blue Says:

        Good point about over taxation creating black markets

        • Ian Says:

          That’s what overtaxing booze and cigarettes has done. Here in Ontario and in Quebec, the mohawks in Akwesasne and Kahnawake have become millionaires selling cigarettes and liquor which they smuggle in from the US, or they have illegal
          Cigarette factories on their territory. You’ll see grow ops springing up all over the place selling cut rate weed. Yes Justin, this will eliminate access to kids. What a goof. Well at least mommy Margaret will be able to get her supply more easily.

  6. Jen Says:

    I wonder if CBC reporters are on dope because they seem to be in LA LA LAND.

  7. andycanuck Says:

    I applaud his efforts. Mainly because I think it will cost him more older voters than it will gain him younger voters.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Very true. The older voters will not like this in the least.

    • JJ Says:

      Agreed. Another big undercurrent is that the ethnic communities, especially Asian immigrants, are typically against pot which they see as a harm to their families and children. This pot announcement may be a ploy for Trudeau to get the “youth vote,” but at the same time he could be losing votes in the all-important and immigrant-rich Toronto and Vancouver suburbs.

      • BC Blue Says:

        That’s a good point. The BC Liberals used some dirty tactics 2 elections ago to paint a NDP candidate as pro-drugs for example.

    • Ian Says:

      Unfortunately many older voters (liberals) don’t pay attention to the issues and vote Liberal because they always have. Here in Ontario we’ve had 9 years of Liberal mismanagement and scandal yet they keep getting re-elected.

  8. Alain Says:

    What is the definition of a whore? If one looks it up, I wouldn’t be surprised to find Trudeau’s mug.

  9. princesscuddles Says:

    Trudeau speak like he’s stoned

  10. beachdude Says:

    I do believe in the de-criminalization of it, however this stance by “Paris Hilton” Trudeau would create delays beyond belief at the border, this is why PM Chretien nixed the idea.

  11. Liz J Says:

    What comes out of Trudeau’s mouth isn’t necessarily coming from his own brain, it’s coming from the minds of whoever is behind the curtain pulling his strings and he’s got it all muddled. No wonder he can’t answer a clear question with a clear answer and changing the message, he’s not thinking for himself, he’s a mess of confusion and contradiction. Liberals know he’s not ready for the job they’re pushing him into, they’re attempts to over manage him are failing, the shine is going off their pony.

  12. Collins Says:

    Hmmmm . . . Legalizing pot to keep it out of the hands of kids he says? Hilarious! Then let’s legalize everything, cocaine, heroin, crack, opium, uppers, downers, and make it all completely available at your local grocery store! . . . Lol! Just hilarious!

    • Liz J Says:

      It’ll be tough to get pot in grocery or convenience stores in Ontario, they won’t even allow wine and beer to be sold in those places. Where cigarettes are sold they must be kept out of sight as well as fines for selling to minors. Not much hope for the wacky tabacky being sold in Ontario any time soon. God knows Ontario is in such a mess now folks trying to survive here need to imbibe to drown their woes.

      • Ian Says:

        Exactly. Uncle Dalton said if they allowed the sale of beer and wine in corner or grocery stores, we’d all become raving alcoholics in no time.

  13. brad Says:

    cant wait to see him speak in front of say, a police crowd. im sure he will bring out his tough on crime face. first rule of beign a politician, if your going to lie, at least be consistent and ALWAYS leave yourself wiggle room to back out of it. this guy is going to need an entire floor of the CBC headquarters to keep him on message.

  14. wilson Says:

    Trudeau needs as many potheads as he can convince to get off the couch and vote for him instead of the Dippers.
    This is part of his strategy to get young non-voters into the booth. No doubt some university kids will campaign hard for him on this single issue.
    Trying to imagine Ralph Goodale and Irwin Cotler on the campaign trail praising drug use.

  15. Bubba Brown Says:

    Here is a study that may explain Justins scattered, fragmented approach to complex questions.
    I had heard that his Mom bragged about smoking at Stornaway and detailed her drug use in her writing
    Whatever floats yer boat I just don’t see any benefits to breaking step with our biggest trading partner the US and if the scientists are right where is the benefit?
    Other than a few votes of course.

  16. beachdude Says:

    FYI- As of 10:30PM EST, the Toronto Star has NOTHING about this Trudeau legal pot stance…Why?

    • Ian Says:

      Do you really need an answer? They are all scrambling to find a story about a Conservative. Just like they’ve probably hidden the story about the RCMP stating yesterday that Liberal Senator Mac Harb had, “an elaborate scheme” to collect living expenses he wasn’t entitled to. He purchased a property with a run down old house that was deemed uninhabitable. He never lived in it yet collected $22,000 per year over 10 years claiming that it was his primary residence. I have to give credit to Robert Fife as he is actually giving it the proper coverage it deserves (for a change). Now it remains to be seen whether he will be charged.

  17. Liz J Says:

    Perhaps “leader” Trudeau should be taking heed of the RCMP investigation of his Senator Mac Harb’s Senate housing expenses, the findings so far are astounding, he should be booted out of the Senate pronto. He was apparently claiming housing allowance for one house over 100 km from Ottawa in a rural area that was deemed uninhabitable and the neigbours around said he never lived there, but he rented out pasture land for neighbouring farmer.
    It’s reported he sold 99’99 percent of this house to a Brunai High Commissioner, he kept 0.01 percent ownership to collect a senate housing allowance.
    Is this not screwing the taxpayers? Is this not a swindle deal?

  18. Jen Says:

    The word liberal seem to be amiss from the media reporting on Mark Harb and that he was APPOINTED by, then, Jean Chretien in 2003.

    I wonder what the liberals partners in coalition -NDP, have to say on this.

  19. Trudeau’s mother said marijuana created mental health problems | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

    […] light of Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau coming out in favour of legalizing dope (see here) Sun News’ Ezra Levant dug out this interview of Margaret Trudeau saying her drug use was […]

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