NDP MP caught and fined for making illegal robocalls

Well, well…another MP has now been charged and fined by the CRTC:

The CRTC received the cooperation of Mr. Paul Dewar, M.P., who entered into a settlement agreement and paid a $7000 administrative monetary penalty for violating the Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules. (see here)

Unless I’m mistaken, Dewar joins Liberal MPs Frank Valeriote and Marc Garneau (see here) as being the only MPs charged so far.

I’ll have to go back and check as I don’t remember the Postmedia super-sleuths McMaher running a story on this. Love to be proven wrong though.

Update: Dewar calls this illegal robocalling “a common mistake by political campaigns” (see here)


24 Responses to “NDP MP caught and fined for making illegal robocalls”

  1. Greg Renouf Says:

    Why do I get the feeling that the people who were protesting Conservative robocalls will be silent on this one…

  2. Mark Bourrie Says:

    Making robocalls is against the CRTC’s rules. Misdirecting voters and engaging in election fraud is another thing altogether.

  3. Mark Bourrie Says:

    Where does it say that about Dewar in the CRTC statement? And I’m not justifying anything. Robocalls are annoying, and the CRTC should ban them. Maher and McGregor have been winning awards for investigating robocalls that were designed to send voters to non-existent voting places, as a vote suppression tactic. And that’s much more serious than spam calls.

    • BC Blue Says:

      You’re hilarious…

    • Liz J Says:

      So you are saying Dewar was doing “spam” calls? What the hell are spam calls, a new term to use to confuse that sounds better than robocalls? Paulie Dewar was CHARGED with making illegal ROBOCALLS, spam is a low grade canned meat and there’s no meat on the bones of excuses we’ll be hearing from the NDP, Liberals and the media party.

      • Mark Bourrie Says:

        He was accused of making annoyong anoymous robocalls to advertise his campaign, not of impersonating Elections Canada officials to send people to the wrong place to vote. As I said, huge difference.

        • Michael Harkov Says:

          He is no longer merely accused, he has plead guilty and worked out a “cooperation” for a “settlement agreement”.

          And if what the Tories allegedly did was allegedly a “huge difference”, why is it that we never seem to see Tories being fined, and only the Liberals and the NDP for small potatoes?

  4. brad Says:

    just waiting for the left to proclaim that Elections Canada has always been a pro-conservative institution and that its employees are engaging in partisan activities.

  5. Martin Says:

    Here’s the McGrgor take on the story of local boy Dewer. He goes out of his way to point out only a CPC menber has been charged by EC, over robo calls; this fine is from the CRTC, of course a much lesser offense.

    • Bec Says:

      A CPC volunteer (that’s not an MP) has been CHARGED not convicted of anything so far. McG is a cherry picker.

  6. wilson Says:

    Elections Canada audit finds EC workers responsible for 160,000 irregularities (mistakes) in the 2011 election,
    no fines, no charges, no investigations, no Maher and McGregor stories….

    • Bec Says:

      Is that all? It felt like that many at my station alone. 🙂
      AS an observer, I’d offer to EC, human beings make human errors and probably many more when the leadership/.training / communication appears absent.

      The attack dogs only want the story if it fits in their dog bowl.

  7. Sean M Says:

    The fact that Liberals and NDP’ers have been the only ones fingered for illegal “robocalls” is of no concern to their supporters, nor their proxies in the media. “Robocalls” is only an issue when it can be directed towards Conservatives. When “progressive” lefty Liberals and NDP’ers partake in “robocalling” it’s simply an “honest mistake”, or they weren’t really “robocalls”, or the “rules weren’t clear”, when it’s the Conservatives, it’s “voter fraud”. EC are a corrupt, partisan joke of an organization who abuse their power’s and have an obvious and continuing vendetta against the elected Government. It’s important to remember that this whole manufactured “scandal” was all about de-legitimizing the results of the last election and putting a lefty coalition in power, and EC was clearly a part of that agenda. EC witch hunt against Dean Del Mastro and the colossal amount of taxpayer money they’ve wasted trying to “get the Conservatives” is the real scandal.

  8. Company fined for illegal robocalls worked on Council of Canadians’ robocall lawsuit against Conservatives | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

    […] company Strategic Communications was fined $10,000 along with NDP MP Paul Dewar (see here) by the CRTC for making illegal […]

  9. Martin Says:

    I agree with paulsstuff above, EC has shown enormous latitude over who they charge over breaking their own rules. The volunteer in Frank Valeriote’s campaign was caught using the phony name “Laurie MacDonald” in phone calls on his behalf in Guelph.This was accepted by EC as an “honest mistake”.
    In the same riding an illegal ballot box at Un of Guelph was used in an advanced poll; the poll was declared illegal by EC, but the votes were actually tabulated and allowed to count.
    If EC officials don’t move to enforce their own rules, what recourse do outsiders have?

  10. Dl Says:

    It seems the NDP talking head on all manner of perceived Conservative scandal is himself just a common crook. Does this surprise anyone?

  11. princesscuddles Says:

    Noticed that gutless coward Evan Soloman didn’t mention anything about Dewar on his show today

  12. NDP's Paul Dewar fined $7,000 for robocalls Says:

    […] The company Strategic Communications was fined $10,000 along with NDP MP Paul Dewar (see here) by the CRTC for making illegal robocalls: Strategic Communications Inc. was issued a notice of […]

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