Trudeau’s mother said marijuana created mental health problems


In light of Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau coming out in favour of legalizing dope (see here) Sun News’ Ezra Levant dug out this interview of Margaret Trudeau saying her drug use was extremely harmful:

“Marijuana can trigger psychosis,” said Trudeau. “Every time I was hospitalized it was preceded by heavy use of marijuana.”

And that she has a deep addiction to it:

“I miss it,” she said of the pot- smoking. “It is a daily struggle. If it’s around, I just don’t stay around.” (see here)

Think about Trudeau willing to toss his own mother’s well-being into the garbage heap in an effort to look hip and cool in the eyes of the pro-dope Media Party members.




11 Responses to “Trudeau’s mother said marijuana created mental health problems”

  1. Fat Tony Says:

    Sorry mom, votes count.

  2. Liz J Says:

    How would Justin propose the selling of legal pot? Would there be a Pot Control Board like the Liquor Control Board and a heavy tax put on it? Would it be sold in designated Pot Stores with the legal age the same as for booze?
    Would there be a testing machine for the cops to check on drivers driving under the influence of pot?

    • BC Blue Says:

      Not one reporter has bothered posing any questions about the real ramifications such as the ones you just noted

      • Ian Says:

        You can bet your paycheque that if a Conservative MP had made those comments, the questions would be coming fast and furious. It’s getting a little too obvious that there is Liberal media bias here in Canada.

    • Michael Harkov Says:

      Of course he would support another layer of big government to encompass that. L(l)iberals can’t get enough of anything that would increase the level of bureaucracy, to make Canadians more dependent on government. Its what spoiled, out of touch leftards like Trudeau do.

  3. Bec Says:

    There isn’t a social issue that the Liberals didn’t cause because of their ‘progressive’ brain cells so of course, this one can just add another notch to their belt, right?

    To be a mindset that bans everything on the hip to ban bandwagon but then embrace an equally destructive toxin is just par for the course.
    It has been the liberal mentality that has made smokers for example, pond scum so how do they square this circle? Smoke/lungs/offensive odors/addictive/health issues…….It’s a double standard to rationalize the legalization of THIS offensive smelling leaf after their attacks on the people who were users of a legal offensive smelling leaf.
    The motivation is obvious, votes from young pot-heads and criminals. Yippee.

  4. burton Says:

    It’s obvious that he’s pandering – One more point I’d like to make here if I could. I see that the the President of the International Narcotics Control Board a United Nations organization has come out strongly against any measure to soften the laws concerning marijuana and have strongly condemned Washington and Colorado’s recent easing of marijuana restrictions as a violation of International law.
    Now, normally I don’t give a rat’s behind anything the U.N. has to say, but are you telling me that if Justin Trudeau is elected, he’s going to give the United Nations the middle finger and legalize marijuana ? Ha!! Hardly! I mean, don’t Liberals get all weak kneed and gooey when it comes to the U.N.???
    Anyways, he knows he’s lying.

  5. princesscuddles Says:

    Shiny Pony sounds like a guy who smokes too much weed

  6. monkey Says:

    I don’t like Justin Trudeau one bit but he is totally correct on this. This is not some left wing issue, in fact most libertarians have been for pot legalization long before any left wing party was. The Libertarian party in the US is the only party to consistently call for legalizing it. Likewise Ron Paul supported legalizing it and in fact exit polls in Colorado and Washington showed 30% of Republicans voted in favour of legalization. My reason for legalizing it is two fold.

    1. Regardless of its harm, I am a strong believer in individual liberty which is why I oppose left wing economic policies and right wing social policies. Marijuana is harmful to one’s self, but the government has no business telling people what they can and cannot do. Tobacco and alcohol are harmful too, but are legal as they should be.

    2. The costs of policing, court cases, and prison incarceration would go down and this would mean more money available for paying down the debt or tax cuts.

    To paraphrase what David Cameron said on same-sex marriage, I am not for marijuana legalization in spite of being a conservative, I am for it because of that.

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